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Austria is the exact country, where every even the smallest corner has something interesting and worthy to show the travelers.

There’s no wonder that it is considered nowadays one of the leaders among the countries with the largest number of the most varied sightseeings, and it is really quite difficult to say, which ones are more significant - historical ones or those, created by nature. But, of course, among all the beauties of Austria, the most varied and popular one is the gorgeous city of Vienna, with its luxurious Barocco buildings, unusual constructions and modern architecture. Oh, and don’t forget about hundreds of museums, spread all over the capital that will definitely impress even the most experienced travelers!

In case if it is going to be your very first time in Vienna, TravelPapa has chosen three main excursions, provided by our professional private tour guides to help you form the most completed impression about this wonderful city. Check them out!
During this delightful 2-hours trip around the city of Vienna you will see all the historically and architecturally famous places of city center, will hear a lot of funny, dramatic or scandalous stories about its famous inhabitants, will learn the basic german words and will learn to orient yourself in the beautiful capital of Austria. Excursion, held by our private tour guide Olga Korf will lead you through all the main sightseeings of Vienna, including Opera House, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, famous Mozart’s House and many other things. You just need to ask!

(Photo by TravelPapa's private tour guide Olga Korf)
The Downtown highlights tour will lead you through the main sights of the capitl's city center, starting from Saint Stephen' s Cathedral and straight to Naschmarkt, including even Vienna's most marvellous sights like Hofburg Palace, National Library, Spanish Riding School and Albertina Museum. TravelPapa's private tour guide Karin Jandrasits-Breite will be totally glad to show you all of them!

(Photo by TravelPapa's private tour guide
Karin Jandrasits-Breite)
  • The Unknown Sweets Highlight Tour Through Vienna

    Vienna is not only the capital of music and wine but, of course, the capital of SWEETS. Attend a city walk of about two hours with TravelPapa's professional private tour guide Ingrid Andrea Bagus through her lovely hometown and find out the secrets of the local sweets besides Sachertorth or Apfelstrudel. The most exciting part of the excursion is that every participant gets a big bag of candies, chocolates and other surprises. What can be better?

(Photo by TravelPapa's private tour guide Ingrid Andrea Bagus)
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Author: Anastasia Ciolac

Source: TravelPapa.com

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