Main advantages of traveling around the world by car

Have you ever wondered, how to make your trips even better, to enlarge your possibilities and to see as much unique and rare places as it may be even possible?

TravelPapa has chosen seven main advantages of traveling around the world by car, in case you want to see the world’s main beauties besides the large cities and their casual sightseeings. Check them out!

  • You do not depend on time and public transport

Early flights or endless bus trips during the whole night? You don’t need to depend on it anymore - if you are traveling by car, as you plan everything yourself and do not depend on the fixed time schedules of the public transport. You can stop whenever you want now and will never miss that picturesque sunset above the fields anymore!

  • More possibilities

You can change your trip in any moment, by choosing another route and visiting the places that are not so popular among the foreigner travelers and are not overcrowded by people. Changing the popular route means to explore the real lifestyle of the country and to see it with the eyes of the local citizens. Exactly the communication with the locals, dinners in tiny national restaurants, meetings with the wild animals and unplanned events create the complete impression about the country.

  • You may travel alone without any traveling companions

Group trips on the bus may be exhausting, especially for those travelers that are used to travel alone or with the closest friends and prefer more to enjoy the picturesque views alone, as much time as their soul needs it and not to hurry up with the crowd to see all the sight during the certain period of time.

  • No need to carry all your things with you

There’s no need to mention how pleasant it is to put all your stuff in the car trunk and forget about it till the very stop in the hotel. The fans of the long walks around the city and hiking will totally understand.


  • Spontaneity

Maybe one of the main advantages of the car travel, as you may change your plans and plan your trip spontaneously just whenever you want. Just heard about the gorgeous lake in the nearby forest or a cool National park just in few dozens of kilometers away from you? Pack your bags and go as you do not depend on anything now!

  • Economy and impressions

You don’t need to stay at the hotel in the city center and may even stay in the neighboring city or even have some rest in the wild nature, staying in a tent near the river or on the picturesque meadow, listening to the sounds of the wild life. You don’t depend on the expensive hotels and it is for you to decide, where to stay and what to see.

  • Making the most unusual photos

Road trips give more chances to make the unusual and absolutely unique photos. Local kids and distinctive villages, colorful markets and picturesque roads, surrounded by the mountain chains, breath-taking views and unusual sightseeings - these are the details that form your impression about your trip and that are almost not seen by the travelers that are only staying in the large cities. Besides that, you will never need to wait, till the crowd of tourists will go away to make a beautiful picture, as there will never be too many tourists on your way!

Interested? Start planning your next vacation today (maybe it will be a car trip?) and check some interesting tours and excursions to your destination on!

Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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