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Have you ever wanted to learn more about the ancient culture and unusual customs, carefully kept traditions and the most peaceful atmosphere possible, listen to the sounds of the raging rivers and wild nature or admire the amazing beauty of Mount Everest? Then... it’s all about Nepal!

The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a quite small landlocked Himalayan country, located in the Southern Asia, straight between India and China. Nepal is considered the most alpine country in the world, as it’s situated on the height of about 3000 meters above the sea level.

(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Shankar Panday)

The whole territory of Nepal is about 200 kilometers wide and all the main climate types may be found around it, beginning from the tropical heat in the South and till the Alpine deserts in the North, so it’s quite easy to plan your trip to the country, depending on the goals you are going to achieve. In case, if you’re going on a long hiking tour, it’s better visit Nepal in spring, or starting from September and till the very end of December. Besides that, the most popular and “crowded” months are considered April and October. Summer is quite rainy in Nepal and in winter there’s an incredible cold and lots, lots of snow.

Kathmandu is the capital of the country, which at the same time is considered the biggest city in the world. At the very first sight, the city may look like it’s full of dust, noise, overcrowded streets, huge number of the most varied vehicles, loud markets and many many other irritating things. But as you start to get used to the absolutely different lifestyle of the city, it’s getting more and more beautiful, with its gorgeous architecture, numerous historical monuments and incredibly hospitable local citizens. Kathmandu stays in your mind forever, due to its picturesque green hills and the peaceful sunrise above all its untouched nature. The unique city of Kathmandu won’t leave anyone indifferent after their stay.

TravelPapa’s private tour guides from Nepal offer their travelers a large number of the most varied tours and excursions of different theme, duration, difficulty and prices. Of course, the trip should start from the capital of the country, which may be explored by car or on foot, depending on your preferences. Then you should totally visit the natural beauties of Nepal, represented by breath-taking views of Gorepani Pul Hill, the world-wide known Mount Everest, so much popular amog the foreign visitors Annapurna Circuit and many many other things. You only need to choose the most suitable one for you to begin one of the most unforgettable adventures in your life!

(Photo by TravelPapa's private tour guide Nabin Devkota)

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Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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