Emirates introduces new rules for the use of electronic devices during flights to / from the USA

Passengers flying to the US with Emirates with a stop in Dubai will be able to use their tablets and laptops only in the first part of their flight, as well as during a transit stop in Dubai.

All electronic devices must be handed over to security personnel before the flight to the United States.Passengers may not worry about the safety of electronic devices. The good news is that the airline provides this service for free.

Passengers should know that a thorough inspection of hand luggage will be carried out on non-stop flights Dubai-USA.
In order to avoid delays in flights, passengers must first pack their electronics in their luggage upon check-in.

According to the airline Emirates
90% of passengers connect to WIFI via smartphones and only 10% use laptops and tablets during the flights. Tim Clark, the president of the airline Emirates, hopes that this innovation will give passengers the opportunity to relax during long flights, as well as enjoy the service on board the aircraft and watching movies.

New rules for the carriage of electronics in air travel do not apply to the transport of medical devices on aircraft board. Also, this rule does not apply to passengers flying with Emirates Airline to the US with a stop in Milan or Athens, as well as on flights to other destinations.

Author: Alena Shapovalova

Source: TravelPapa.com

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