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Zanzibar, Tanzania
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  • Zanzibar
  • Stone Town Gallery
    Zanzibar, Tanzania
    It takes almost 3hrs duration to explore the very fantastic history of this extraordinary site with it's narrowest streets in the world. As a cosmopolitan archipelago, Stone Town prouds of its amazing strong introduction of Indians, Chinese, Oman Arabs, Phoenicians, Sumerians, Persians, Assyrians, Portuguese, Egyptians, Dutch and British Cultures C...
    • Walking tour
    • 3 hours
    • $ 41.24
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  • Dolphins gallery
    Zanzibar, Tanzania
    This half day excursion will take you to the southern part of zanzibar about one and half an hour driving from the historic stone town. After getting there we take a motorized boat so as to reach the dolphin zone for about five to ten minutes. After swimming and playing with the very friendly dolphins for several hours you will have automatically...
  • coffee flower
    Zanzibar, Tanzania
    Zanzibar has earned its reputation over the centuries as the spice island. Since the abolition of the slave trade, spices have been at the heart of Zanzibar enterprise. The sheer variety highlights the Islands strategic location as well as the depth of cultural interaction. Indeed no trip to Zanzibar could be considered complete without a visit to ...
  • colobus monkey
    Zanzibar, Tanzania
    The Jozani forest reserve lies between Chwaka bay and Uzi bay and it is the only remaining natural forest of Unguja and represents a very important refuge for the fauna of the island. Once the whole of the Island was covered in a rich tapestry of swamp forest, evergreen thicket and mangrove now all that remains is Jozani Forest. Despite this fact J...
  • snorkeling
    Zanzibar, Tanzania
    It hardly takes half an hour riding by motorized boat to reach the wonderful west based historic island. It is originally called Changuu and was owned by wealthy Arabian merchant who used it as detention Centre for disobedient slaves during slavery. Under the Leadership of the third Sultan of Zanzibar, just after the abolition of slave trade in 187...
  • dhow
    Zanzibar, Tanzania
    DHOW is Local wood boat made dhows sails daily on the Indian ocean and provides an exciting afloat for our esteemed customers while proving and experiencing natural beauty of zanzibar. The cruise will enable you reach to the beautiful untouched beaches , sand banks, and islets which really stuns. Forget not to take pictures as photographing is war...
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