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Tours and Excursions in Zanzibar

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Private Tour Guides in Zanzibar 1

About Zanzibar

The Tanzanian city of Zanzibar is an absolutely picturesque city, which is situated in only about 35 kilometers away from the coast and is considered one of the most popular local travel destinations in the whole country. The main advantages of visiting exactly this African resort are the absolutely varied and rich cultural heritage of the country, carefully protected coast, amazingly clean waters and a very large variety of different sea animal species. The best local beaches are situated in the South-Eastern part of the island, while all the main tourist kinds of entertainment togerther with the richly developed night life are situated in the North of the city.
Besides that, diving is considered one of the most popular local enetrtainment among all the foreign guests of Zanzibar. The main diving center of Zanzibar is situated in Stown Town, the capital of the island, but besides that, Pange Reef, located in the West of the island, which is 14 meters deep and Boribi Reef of 30 meters deep are also considered the most popular diving spots of Zanzibar, due to all the necessary conditions, intended both for professionals and for the very beginners and, of course, amazingly picturesque underwater world with its vivid dwellers and stunning colors.

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