Pay On the Spot Feature: Book Your Tour Now And Pay For It Later

Looking for some interesting tours? Then you should better learn more about pay on the spot feature!

So you have decided to book a tour on TravelPapa and even have already found the most interesting one for yourself, which matches your travel plans the most. Now it is definitely the time to learn more about how to book the tour and what kind of payment methods are available at TravelPapa website?


There are two ways to pay for your tour: online payment, which means that you fully pay for your excursion immediately after the booking was made and pay on the spot option, which will be described in details down below.


So what does the “Pay On The Spot” method represents? As it is said in TravelPapa FAQ’s - The “Pay On The Spot” option allows traveler to pay a small, yet non-refundable (in most cases) deposit online and then pay the rest of the excursion balance later, on the day of excursion and directly to his/her private tour guide.


How can you choose the most preferable payment method? After choosing the necessary tour and filling in all the required fields on the right side of the screen (preferable time, date, language, number of travelers etc.) click the “Choose Payment Option” button and after adding your contact details you will be offered to choose one of the two described above options.

Then you will be redirected to the next page, where you will have to pay for the tour according to the chosen payment option.

Pay On The Spot

Get ready for your next travel adventure and stay tuned for more of TravelPapa news and features!

Author: Nastya


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