TravelPapa Feature: Create Travel Galleries To Share Your Best Moments With The Others

Do you like to travel a lot? Create travel galleries on TravelPapa to share your memories with the others!

Nowadays traveling is getting more and more popular and almost everyone leaves his/her home for the new places at least once in a while. And as you start visiting more countries, you start making lots of amazing photos from different corners of the world. And what can be more pleasant than sharing your most favorite travel memories with the others? That’s why TravelPapa has created this feature exactly for all the fans of travel photography!

So how can I add a travel gallery? First of all you need to log into your traveler/guide/local profile on TravelPapa. After that go to the “My Galleries” tab, located on the left of your screen. Now you can click the “Add Gallery” button and add as many galleries from your trip as you wish.

Please, be aware that by posting travel photos you automatically accept that all the uploaded photos belong to you and were not stolen from the other websites or users. It is also strictly forbidden to post any advertisement, not travel-related pictures or any other inappropriate content in your galleries.


How Many photos can my gallery contain? You may upload as many travel photos as you would like to. The minimum amount of photos is one (1) picture per gallery.

*If you are a private tour guide, please, be aware, that in case if you would like to attach your travel gallery to one of your tours/excursions, your gallery should contain minimum four (4) pictures.


You can also share your travel galleries to your social media pages to let your friends know about your latest adventures!  

Visit TravelPapa to check this feature yourself, look through the galleries of other users and add your very first travel gallery!
Create travel galleries

Author: Nastya Ciolac


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