How To Book A Tour With TravelPapa: Short Instruction For Your Guided Adventure

Going to book a tour with TravelPapa, but not sure about how to do it? Read this!

Summer season is almost knocking on our doors and many travelers have already started planning their next adventures. But not everyone likes planning everything by himself and rather prefers visiting the prepared in advance tour, planned in the smallest details and filled with all the most interesting and necessary information. For such a case, TravelPapa provides hundreds of the most varied tours and excursions from all over the world, provided by our professional private guides. In case, if you have a lot of questions about your travel destination and don't know where to find the answers, you may always ask our guides to get the best answers from the local citizens (check more details about it here)!

So, how can you book a tour with TravelPapa? Very easy! You just need to follow these steps:

Book a tour with TravelPapa
  1. Go to the Homepage, choose the Tour Guides/ Tours&Excursions tab on the screen and enter the destination you are going to visit during your next vacation

  2. Look through the variety of tour guides and excursions, offered in your destination city/country;

  3. After choosing the interesting tour, fill in the easy blank, placed on the right sight of the screen with the following information: necessary date, language, preferred start time and the number of travellers;

  4. After that you will be offered two possible ways of payment: online through TravelPapa website and “On The Spot”, which means that you will pay only th small deposit through the website and the rest amount directly to the guide on the day of the excursion.


And that’s it! Start planning your vacation today and our private tour guides will be alway there to help you make it one of the most memorable ones! Please, remember, that you can alway contact the guide in case of any questions, regarding his tours, your stay in the country etc., and besides that, TravelPapa is also ready 24/7 to help you, just contact us!

Author: Nastya


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