How To Add A Tour On TravelPapa? Short Instruction On Completing Your Profile

New to our website? Read a short guide on how to add a tour on TravelPapa!

After registering as a private tour guide on TravelPapa platform, it is very important to add as many tours and excursions as possible, in order to attract a large amount of travelers and provide them with all the necessary information about the travel services you provide. By the way, did you know that without adding at least one excursion (and a profile picture, of course), your profile is not shown anywhere on TravelPapa? That is one more reason to add your tours, as after that you are automatically shown on TravelPapa homepage an in the search results of your country/city page and besides that, you are promoted from time to time by TravelPapa via our daily newsfeed and on our social network pages. So how to add a tour on TravelPapa? Follow few easy steps:

  • Login to your profile and click the “Add Excursion” button;

  • Name your tour and select the necessary type (is it going to be a car/bus/minivan or ship tour or are you going to walk on foot?)

    How to add a tour on TravelPapa

  • Choose tour’s category (sightseeing, historical, wine tour etc.), difficulty level and the excursion duration (from 1 to 30 days)

    How to add a tour on TravelPapa

  • Write a unique description of your tour (tell your future travelers more about the details of your tour and try to make it unique and not copied from your other websites - that will help you be shown first in the search results on Google, thus attracting more clients)

  • Choose the excursion calendar (it may be flexible or fixed schedule. TravelPapa recommends you choosing the Flexible schedule, as it is much easier to set and you only have to indicate the time you are usually available at, but it is you to make the choice anyway)

    How to add a tour on TravelPapa

  • Indicate what your tour includes and what it doesn’t include and write the short highlights of your tour.

  • Choose payment option (do you want your travelers to fully pay online via our website or is it more convenient for you to get paid on the spot?) + set the amount of commission you would like to share with TravelPapa (from 10 and up to 25%)

    How to add a tour on TravelPapa

  • Set up your own cancellation policy by dragging the round buttons to the left and right

    How to add a tour on TravelPapa

  • And the last few steps! Indicate the nearest airports of your excursion city, write your meeting point and add a photo gallery with the pictures from your tour, so that our travelers would be able to see what to expect from your trip.


And that’s it! Add your first excursion on TravelPapa today and start the completely new adventure with travelers from all over the world!

Author: Nastya


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