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Jordan nowadays has all the main tourist entertainments that gather thousands of travelers from all over the world on its territory every year. The list of main advantages of visiting the country includes a large number of the most varied excursions of different duration and difficulty, the endless Dead Sea, all the perfect conditions for snorkeling and diving, intended both for professionals and for beginners and the stunning views of the Wadi Rum Desert and its absolutely unique landscapes. Today TravelPapa has chosen its most interesting tours and excursions around the main sightseeings of the country in order to help you plan your trip to Jordan better and to not miss the smallest thing, while staying in one of its gorgeous cities. Check them out!

Attend the nine hours long car tour, held on the major part of the international languages, to one of the most unique and beautiful ancient sightseeings in the whole world - the wonderful Petra. Take a horse ride for around 300 Meters till The start of the Siq, then go through till reaching the treasury. Stop for viewing the site and all of the stunning surrounding views, take the unforgettable pictures in the memory of your trip and then proceed to Nabatean Tombs, Roman Theater, and Colonnaded Street before going back to the very beginning. Sounds interesting? You just need to ask our professional private tour guides and they will help you plan the tour, depending on all of your preferences!

Trip to Jordan

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Visit this minivan tour to the one of the most attractive and mysterious eco-tourism sites of the world. A nature reserve and a nature wonder with its majestic mountains standing up vertical in the middle of the desert, silent and tranquil, so that people don't want to leave - Wadi Rum Dessert will totally impress even the most experienced travelers and will not leave anyone indifferent.

A one day visit activities can vary from long open jeep back rides, camel rides, horse back riding, or just trekking & hiking, or mountain climbing, or, maybe, air balloons ride over the desert! Also it could be a combination of any of these options in case, if the time allows.

Usually, this tour includes a lunch (or dinner if staying overnight) meal in the desert made on the Bedouins way with special Bedouin style "Zarb" of barbecue.

If staying more than one day, then usually it is a stay in a Bedouin camp where there is a program according to the tourist’s preferences. Don’t miss a chance to get the most unusual travel experience in your whole life!

 Trip to Jordan

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The two hours long minivan tour to the local city of Amman allows you to see one of the oldest local cities and all of its picturesque ancient surroundings. Explore the local ancient amphitheater, Odeon, Forum and Nymphaeum that had been built many many centuries ago and are still carefully protected by the local population and the whole government in general. Learn more about the history of the city and the whole country in general, listen to the local stories and legends, provided during the whole tour by our professional private tour guide from Jordan.


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Trip to Jordan

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The city of Aqaba nowadays represents the only one coastal city in Jordan and the largest and most populous city on the Gulf of Aqaba.The city is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole country and it provides all of its foreign guests with the most varied popular kinds of tourist entertainments, including diving, snorkeling, walking and hiking tours, glass boat walks around the sea and so on, depending on the travelers’ preferences and their expectations from their stay in Aqaba.


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 Trip to Jordan

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Interested? Start planning your next vacation today and find the most affordable airfares to Jordan with TravelPapa!

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