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Mysterious and wise India nowadays represents one of the most unusual and unique countries of Southern Asia. The homeland of Buddhism and ancient civilizations, India nowadays is the second country in the world by its population and one of the most popular countries among the most experienced travelers that are looking for something absolutely exotic, unique and new.

India represents a very bright combination of ancient customs and traditions, vivid colors and unusual scents, gorgeous palaces and ancient temples, distinctive villages and noisy markets. And of course, the main sights of the country may be represented by its absolutely amazing nature and its views, including the high mountain peaks, thick green jungles and their wild dwellers and large snow-white sandy beaches of Goa and Kerala that annually gathers thousands of travelers on the small territory of the country that come here from all over the world to explore India and all of its beauties. Check the most interesting Indian tours, provided by TravelPapa’s private tour guides and choose your favorite one:

The Great Delhi Tour gives all the travelers a nice possibility to see the major part of the main local sightseeings of India and New Delhi, especially is it is their very first time in India. The tour is held by TravelPapa’s professional private tour guide and represents a perfect choice for those travelers that are looking forward to learn more about the local lifestyle, culture, ancient customs and traditions and even more. Visit the gorgeous Akshardhm Temple, Lal Quila, famous Lotus Temple, India Gate, President House, Parliament,Old Quila, Humayu Tomb and many many other things - you just need to ask!


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(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Nitesh Kumar Deovedi)


The 14 hours long private car tour will give you the great possibility to see the world-wide known Indian sightseeings, like Taj Mahal and Agra Fort and will transfer you to the most famous Indian places, straight from the very first minutes of your tour. After that and a small rest with the traditional lunch you (together with TravelPapa’s professional private tour guide) will proceed to see an Indian village. See the most beautiful local landscapes and take the best pictures of India during the tour to make this trip one of the most memorable adventures in your whole life!

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The 15 hours long car tour to the Idian city of Amritsar , provided by TravelPapa's private tour guide Rajeev Sikarwar, gives all the travelers an opportunity to learn more about the local lifestyle of Indian citizens, see the interesting city of Amritsar and all of its main sightseeings, vivid local markets, picturesque surrounding villages and the famous Golden Temple. Do not miss the opportunity to see as much as possible in India with your own eyes and our professional private tour guides will help you make our Indian dream come true.

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(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Balwinder Singh)


Attend the 19 hours long car tour to Dharmsala to see all the main sightseeings of the city, admire the gorgeous nature and the stunning landscapes of the city’s surroundings. Besides that, visit one of the mos popular sightseeings of that area, situated in only about three kilometres north of Dharmsala town - McLeod Ganj - which is the residence of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and home to a large Tibetan population, including many monks, nuns and incredibly gorgeous views.

explore India

(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Balwinder Singh)


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