Delta Airlines = passenger comfort

Delta Airlines cares about the comfort of passengers
Delta Airlines

This month , Delta installed on the backs of seats in all its planes screens with entertainment Delta Studio. The vice president of the airline claims that Delta outperforms all airlines in terms of the number of equipped aircraft with such screens.

According to the feedback of passengers who use the services of an air carrier, the development of entertainment on board and investing in it is an important point to be paid attention to.

During the flight, passengers can connect their electronic devices to Delta Studio and watch movies, play on their tablets, laptops or smartphones.
Delta Airlines

Currently, the entertainment program on board the aircraft includes more than 300 films, 750 television shows, as well as 2,000 songs. The airline cooperates with famous world film studios to constantly update Delta Studio content. Therefore, even often flying passengers will not be bored in flight, and they will be able to pick a film to their liking.

In the near future, Delta Airlines plans to add 250 new aircraft to its fleet, equipped with everything necessary to ensure that passengers feel comfortable during the flight. New Delta Sky Club offices will be opened in Seattle, Atlanta and Denver.

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Author: Alena Shapovalova


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