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Discover all the main sights of Germany within the German tours, offered by TravelPapa.

There are lots of different reasons that have a rather big influence on the travelers’ choices on their next destination for the trip. Some people like to wander around the unknown city’s streets, looking at architectural monuments and modern art objects, others are fond of history, ancient castles, ruins and old historical monuments of the past ages and some people love nature, breath-taking landscapes, crystal clear lakes and fresh air of the thick green forests. In case, if you love all of it, which makes it quite difficult to decide on your next stop, TravelPapa offers you some of our German tours to include all of your preferences in the single trip. Check them out!


  • Sightseeing tour

The one hour walking tour “Berlin All In” allows you to easily see all the main sightseeing of the German capital of Berlin, including such world-wide known sightseeings as the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, gorgeous Reichstag Building, large Jewish Memorial and many many other things, so that you will not miss even the smallest thing, while staying in the city. You just need to ask!


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German tours

(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Finn Ballard)


  • Historical tour

Feel that special old atmosphere of the most popular historical places of Berlin, within the Cold War Berlin tour, represented by such famous significant local sightseeings, as the historical Checkpoint Charlie, House of Ministries, Ghost Station and, of course, the famous Berlin Wall, which nowadays is represented by the small separate segments and one large segment of the wall, used nowadays as the modern art gallery in the open air, called the east Side Gallery, where all the contemporary graffiti artists from all over the world represent their artworks.

German tours

(Photo by TravelPapa's private tour guide Finn Ballard)

  • Nature tour

The famous Castle Neuschwanstein is definitely worth visiting, especially if you have chosen to stay in Germany during your vacation. It's quite convenient to go on this tour, in case if you are living in Munich during your trip. The full day nine hours long tour to Neuschwanschtein Castle allows travelers to see the gorgeous and mysterious castle, surrounded by the numerous legends with their own eyes, to see the unbelievable views and stunning landscapes with their own eyes, to have some rest near the picturesque Lake Chiemsee, attending the Castle Linderhof and admire the absolutely beautiful German nature.

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German tours
(Photo by TravelPapa's private tour guide Dietmar Niederkofler)


Which one did you like the most? Start planning your trip today by discovering the most affordable airfares to Germany with TravelPapa!

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