Flights Qatar Airways: How will the Qatari crisis affect your flight?

Qatar Airways flights are now performed through Oman, Iran, Turkey

Flights Qatar Airways
Dozens of flights of various airlines were canceled in connection with the closure of airspace between Qatar and the following states: Bahrain, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

These countries closed the airspace due to an aggravated diplomatic scandal. Qatar Airways flights are now performed through Oman, Iran, Turkey.

The decision of four Arab countries to break off diplomatic relations with Qatar and close air transport has led to serious difficulties in the implementation of air travel. This decision is connected with Qatar's accusation of supporting terrorism, which Qatar denies.

On Tuesday 06 June, more than 70 Qatar Airways flights were flown over the Persian Gulf region. Also, flights were canceled by Emirates Airlines , Gulf Air , Etihad Airways and Saudi Arabian Airlines . The Doha International Airport was empty, dozens of flights from Doha were canceled early in the morning.

Qatar Airways, in its official statement, announced that passengers who have flights for flights to the UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia between June 5 and July 6 may change them for other flights within 30 days after the date of departure indicated in the Ticket.

The diplomatic crisis in the Persian Gulf will affect aviation in general, the passenger flow will decrease, the time of air travel will increase, and the profit of Qatar Airways will decrease.

For their passengers, Qatar Airways has tried to create conditions that will help them to carry out their planned air travel.

Flights Qatar Airways

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Author: Alena Shapovalova


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