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It is easier to discover Estonia with TravelPapa
Estonia nowadays offers its foreign guests a lot of varied tours and excursions all over the country, different gastronomic, hiking, cultural, historical, eco and agro tours and even vacation in the distinctive Estonian villages. Estonia is the exact country, where even the most experienced travelers will be able to find something interesting exactly for themselves. Check the local tours, provided by TravelPapa’s private tour guides and discover Estonia in the most interesting ways!

The three hours long tour represents a combined bus and walking tour all around the Estonian capital - the city of Tallinn. During the bus part of the tour, which lasts for 1.5 hours, you (together with our professional private tour guide) will drive around the famous Old Town, see the towers of the wall, the most famous are called Stout Margaret and Tall Herman. You will also see the mighty wall of Toompea Castle on the hill, drive through the district of high tech architecture – Tallinn’s City. Lastly, you will visit the districts of wooden architecture which Tallinn is famous for. Lots of unforgettable impressions and perfect disposition during the whole day are totally guaranteed.

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Discover Estonia

(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Dmitry Saley)


Tallinn is an old and mystic town with lots of narrow ancient streets, old buildings, and hidden corners. And nobody knows nowadays, when it was firstly mentioned in the local chronicles and became so much well known all over the world. But there are lots of different myths in the city nowadays, telling all the visitors of the capital of its born and it is difficult to make out already, where is the truth or where is the fiction. Make your own opinion, while listening to this stories, walking along the mysterious old streets of night Tallinn with our professional private tour guide.

Discover Estonia

(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Roman Arty)


Estonian nature is very varied. On the small piece of land you can enjoy picturesque seacoast, reserved forest massive, moorlands, lakes, rapid rivers and waterfalls on them. Estonia has more then 30 waterfalls. During the tour you will be able to see two main  ones of them: the widest and the most beautiful one of them. Hurry up to choose which one is your favorite - Keila Waterfall orJagala Fall?

Discover Estonia

(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Roman Arty)

Estonia is a unique country, indeed. It has nowadays not only lots of historical and architectural sightseeings that are spread all over the country, but also a very large number of nature wonders, represented by numerous untouched and varied views and landscapes. That is why Estonia is also called "northern Amazonia". Visit the Lahemaa National Park, situated in the picturesque northern seaside of the country. Lahemaa is the biggest and oldest park in Estonia, which name may be translated from the Estonian language as the “land of bays”, where deep bays adjoin sharp peninsulas, providing all the travelers with stunning views of the local surroundings.

Discover Estonia

(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Roman Arty)


This six hours long car tour, provided by TravelPapa’s professional private tour guide is a perfect choice for you in case, if you like brutal medieval time, as you have the perfect chance to explore Rakvere castle, a monument of crusade time of 1300s. It is one of the best-preserved castle, situated on the highest hill in Northern Estonia. This hill had been occupied by local ests many thousands years ago and nowadays it is considered one of the main and the most popular local sightseeings of all the foreign visitors in the whole country. Hurry up to see it with your own eyes!


(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Roman Arty)


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Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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