12 ways to travel around the Czech Republic better

A lot of travelers may say that they have been to the Czech Republic and walked through its cozy streets at least once, but not everyone knows the hidden “secret” places of the country, where it is possible to travel back in time straight to the medieval ages, find treasures and real silver coins, explore its own Switzerland in the cheapest ways and even get the possibility to meet a real ghost!

The Czech Republic nowadays represents a country of stories, delicious beer and picturesque red tiling, as it is the first thing that catches the eyes of travelers when they get into the country for the very first time. But besides that, it is the country of the most ancient cities, multiple resorts, old castles and even its own local tiny Switzerland. And the other advantages, represented by the short distances, perfect roads and closeness to other popular European countries, including Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland, turn traveling to the Czech Republic into the beginning of a great adventure.

So, what are the things that can help you know the Czech Republic better and that are not so popular among the average travelers?

  • Feel the spirit of the ancient times
Due to the ancient and complicated history of the country, there is a rather huge number of various ancient castles, palaces, cities, parks and museums that are spread all over the territory of the country. The main tourist destinations among them are represented by the cities of Brno, Vizovice and Olomouc, the Moravian Karst cave system, amazingly beautiful ancient castles of Lednice-Valtice Complex, whose basements keep the ancient secrets and the very old Moravian local wines that may be tasted and even bought by all the foreign visitors.
  • Visit the local “small Prague” even not leaving the country
The local city of Olomouc is not only considered the best place for all the lovers of organ music or cathedrals’ architecture. This rather small Moravian city has a really big number of the most varied tourist sightseeings, almost as much as the capital of the country and due to that, the historical part of the city is included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. The fastest way to reach the city is either by train or by bus from the city of Brno, as it will take only about 2-3 hours.
  • Listen to the biggest organ in the whole Central Europe

  • Visit Hradec Kralove or the Castle of the Queen
Hradec Kralove is one of the most ancient local cities, which is developing quickly beginning from the XIV-th century and which got its fame due to its main sightseeing, the Gothic Cathedral of the Holy Spirit and the amazingly delicious local beer, which recipe is being kept as a secret for the many centuries already. Besides that, the city attracts the foreign visitors due to its medieval city center with its red roofs, black domes, loud bell and the ancient clock that bring its visitors straight back to the XVIII-th century.
  • Visit the “Bohemian Paradise”
Pine forests, crystal clear lakes, rock labyrinths, caves, canyons, cities made of stones and the ancient castles that tower above the nature sightseeings of Bohemian Paradise explain such an unusual name of this national park and justify it completely. The old fortresses that are spread all over the national park help to keep the mysterious atmosphere of this breath-taking place.

  • Get into the Chronicles of Narnia
Good news to all the movie’s fans, as due to the lucky combination of circumstances, the movie was filmed in the Czech Republic, straight on the territories of its national parks, including the Bohemian Switzerland, Adrspach and the Dobříš Castle. The “Bohemian Switzerland” National Park is situated in the nortern part of the country, closer to the border with Germany, and is truly considered the real “gem” of the Czech Republic, due to its picturesque canyons, rocks and arches, balmy pine forests and its varied dwellers, including the numerous rare birds and wild animals species.
  • Find the best view on Prague
The whole city in general represents one huge sightseeing and, by the way, the city is rather big, and as every traveler knows, it is better to admire the big sightseeings from the distance. The best view on the capital of the country may be found on the top of the numerous towers that are spread all over the city (there are more than 1000 of towers in general in Prague – can you imagine that?!), or from the special observation platforms, placed in the mountains that are surrounding the country.
But the highest observation platform of Prague is the Petrin Lookout Tower, which is also considered the local Eiffel Tower of Prague and is placed on the height of about 55 meters. It is possible to rach the top of the tower either by elevator (which costs additional money) or by climbing the 299 steps of its stairs on foot. Anyway, you will get an unforgettable view at the end.
Oh, and don’t forget about the city view that opens up from the river side – it is undoubtedly worth seeing!

  • Meet a ghost
Locals think that every castle should have its own ghost, so let’s mention that there are about 2500 castles spread all over the country and (as people say) about 100 real ghosts, dwelling in them. If you are looking for the really thrilling emotions and unforgettable impressions, it is better for you to go to the one of those summer night tours around one of these castles.
  • Travel back to the medieval times
Every June the small city of Český Krumlov goes back straight to the medieval times and turns into a loud and merry center of fun, knight tournaments, historical fairs, picnics and medieval traditional music. Everyone dresses up in the traditional clothes and waits for the great holiday fireworks that end up this unusual day.
  • Taste the delicious local cuisine
  • Visit the city of Brno
Brno is popular for its beautiful and varied art exhibitions and summer festivals that are usually held from June till September and Alternativa Brno music concerts, where all the local modern musicians represent their art.
  • Taste local beer and choose your favorite one
  • Make Prague the “starting point” of your big adventure
The Czech Republic has a perfect location straight in the center of Europe, that is why many experienced travelers combine the visiting of this country with going to other countries, including Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and other surrounding countries. Besides that, there are special buses in Prague that organize few days tours in the neighborhood countries, just in order to walk around and see all the main sightseeings.


Author: Anastasia Ciolac

Source: TravelPapa.com/PrivateTourGuides

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