Why do we need a private guide while exploring France?

And what things should we include in our "must-do" list?

The uniqueness of every country, city, region or population is usually formed due to their lifestyle, social organization, habits, education, history, architecture, music, different kinds of art and, of course, the beauties of nature. All these things form the national character and the special individual atmosphere that we meet in each country.
Every corner of France, even the smallest one, offers its foreign visitors a huge number of various events and kinds of entertainment that represent all the charms of the country. The visiting of France will impress even the most experienced travelers as everyone there may find something interesting individually for himself among all the local museums, castles, architectural monuments, theaters, exhibitions and historically important places.

So why do we need a private guide while traveling around France? Nowadays, not everyone knows too much about this profession, but it would always be great to go on a new adventure with a guide, who will be able to tell you the secrets and stories of local places in your native language, so that you will not miss the most exciting facts.
Traveling means not only visiting the new, unexplored before places, but also feeling deeply their local atmosphere and getting filled with their local lifestyle, customs, specialties and traditions. The private guide is always interested in the most detailed narration about his/her homeland, so that you could get as much impressions as it is ever possible and so that the country you are visiting would stay in your heart forever.
 Working as a private guide is not an improvisation and it’s not possible to prepare your tour during one evening before the day of excursion. In order to become a really good and qualified specialist, private guides are getting the fundamental knowledge in geography, history, architecture, languages, photography, arts and many other areas. They also have to practice a lot in order to always be able to give you as much information as it is possible about all the country’s surroundings, cultural heritage of the city, the value of the local monuments and historical places and many many other things.
While going on excursion in France, especially in its capital, the city of Paris, travelers may get acquainted with the architectural monuments of the country that are considered the main treasure of France and that include Chartres Cathedral and Notre Dame.
Wherever the traveler goes, he meets a huge variety of different kinds of art, traditions and modernism, represented by the world-wide known sightseeings of Paris, including Louvre, the Triumphal Arch, Opera Theater and Eiffel Tower, which nowadays became the real symbol of the country.

The national and foreign music, theater, art and sculpture are presented in about 1000 museums of the capital. Besides that, more than 500 different musical, gastronomic and other festivals are usually held in France. That is why, undoubtedly, France may be considered one of the most unique countries of the world, so that everyone may find something interesting there individually for himself, for example:

  • Old Plough Festival brings together the musicians from all over the France and they have a possibility to show their talents in Bretagne.
  • Or, for example, the popular local Jazz Festival, which will bring together even the people of different cultures and speaking different languages.
  • Carnival in Nice (which lasts for 47 days, by the way) shows its visitors all the gastronomic specialties of the country, national clothes, dancing and many other unique French things.
  • Tour de France is a “must-visit” thing for all the cyclists, both beginners and professionals. The competition is followed by the picturesque views and landscapes, and even though it is a rather hard event it gives its participants the unforgettable impressions.
  • The art-lovers should buy the “Museum-Pass” ticket, which gives the possibility to visit more than 50 museums of Paris for free. There is also the “City-Pass” ticket, which is available in such cities as Lille, Lion, Strasbourg and Marseille and which allows to visit the main cultural, architectural and historical sightseeings of the country.
  • Festival de Cannes should also be included in the list of “top entertainments” in France, as it gives everyone a chance to meet their favorite celebrities in the most usual places of the city and brings lots of new impressions and unique experience in the travelers’ lives.
TravelPapa Guides offers different tours and excursion all over the France and even if you are not sure yet what part of the country you would like to explore, our French guides are always ready to help you with your choice! So…where would you go first?

Author: Anastasia Ciolac

Source: TravelPapa.com/PrivateTourGuides

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