Why is it good to travel during the off season?

Do you think that visiting the foreign countries during such months as October, November, February or March is not a good idea? Don’t!

Approaching of these months is one of the best possibilities to get into the end or the very beginning of the high season in most part of the popular tourist destinations. Such attitude towards the traveling has lots of various advantages and TravelPapa Guides has chosen the best of them:

  • No crowds
This is the main and the most obvious advantage of visiting the foreign country during the off season. In October, the sun is shining as brightly and warmly as during the high season, but large crowds of foreign travelers have already left the most popular tourist destinations and any other places of interests. You immediately get a perfect possibility to wander silently among the world-wide known sightseeings alone and you don’t even have to wake up early in the morning to reach them first, while there are not so many people. Besides all that, you get an opportunity to make very good pictures of the sightseeings you visit – as many as you’d like to and from the best angles! Oh, and don’t forget to talk to the local citizens – they would gladly talk to you and tell you about the not so popular local sights that definitely worth visiting!

  • Airline tickets
It is possible to find the cheap airline tickets anywhere you would like to, but the best conditions to find one are usually formed closer to the beginning of off season, when travelers are already coming home from their vacations and large families with their kids go back to their everyday lives. What to fo next depends only on your wishes – it is for you to decide whether you’d like to rest by the calm sea, climb the mountains for the best view or discover the unexplored before places.

  • Dwelling
The best advantage of looking for dwelling while traveling during the off season is that the prices are getting quite lower and the variety of choices is much larger. As the hotels are not crowded with foreign tourists, it is even possible to expect some discounts and rather pleasant service. Such things as car or boat rentals or some specific seasonal tours and excursions, like visiting wineries, for example, will also be available by the lower prices, as the foreign guests are always welcome during the low season.

  • Communication
Are you going on an adventure in summer? Then you should better forget about the communication with the locals, as most of them are usually rent the apartments out to the foreign visitors, open the restaurants or cafes, hold tours or excursions and are quite busy in general. Nevertheless, all these people are getting free during the off season when the demand is not so big, and they are always ready then to treat you with their local wine, discuss the best places to visit, even the ones that are not so popular among the travelers, but definitely worth visiting and many many other things.
Nowadays, many resorts (and sometimes even the whole countries) became so much popular among the tourists during the high season that it is possible to admire their real beauty only in period, when the major part of foreign travelers has already left them for their homes.
  • Food
As a rule, the major part of restaurants that are provided on tourist resorts are intended for seasonal work only. The cooks and waiters that are working there are usually just the seasonal workers that do not care a lot about the place’s reputation. Another case is the restaurants and cafes that are working all year long and are not intended for the high seasons only. They are always glad to meet the visitors even during the off season, so the stable staff, year-round deliveries and care for the restaurant’s reputation are the main factors that will guarantee the good and high-quality dinner.

But nevertheless, are there any disadvantages of traveling during the off season? Definitely yes, but not so many. First of all, the main disadvantages of such kind of traveling are the limitation of offers of different services and the unpredictable weather. The variety of dwellings and places to eat is getting smaller, the nightclubs, seasonal bars or entertainment centers are getting closed and the weather may bring the unexpected changes to your plans.
But nevertheless, such kind of traveling gives you a great possibility to spend few weeks in a pleasant, warm climate, instead of staying in a cold city, allows you to approach the coming of spring, to see the world-wide known sightseeings from the new angles, to save money and to spend a real vacation of your dreams.

Author: Anastasia Ciolac

Source: TravelPapa.com/PrivateTourGuides

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