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Mysterious and wise India is represented by perfect beaches of Goa and Kerala, colorful Delhi, picturesque Himalayas, ancient architecture, breath-taking nature, yoga tours and many other things.

The Indian coast, which in general is about 6000 meters long, may be truly considered the proud owner of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. The most popular beach resorts that are famous for their parties are located in Goa, Kerala and Mumbai.
There is an incredible number of numerous sightseeings and each of them is worth seeing and unique in its own way. Rajasthan, located in the Western part of the country, is famous for its military history and numerous ancient fortresses. Among the large Thar Desert, were formed the numerous ancient civilizations and were built the unique cities of Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur.
The other popular tourist destination is the small picturesque town of Orchha, which has more sightseeings than any other big city. There are lots of ancient temples, tombs, gorgeous palaces, the famous Vishnu Temple and so on.
Varanasi is the most sacred and ancient city of India, located on the mall of Ganges River. Besides various historical sightseeings, there are many picturesque nature reserves and national parks in its surroundings, where you can observe the wild tigers in their natural habitat.
Kerala is a perfect place for those travelers that are longing to go on a jungle adventure, to visit national parks and plantations, and, of course, numerous lake, mountain and beach resorts.
The most popular souvenirs to bring back home from your Indian adventure are various fabrics, including cashmere and silk, traditional local clothes, like sari, local hand-made jewelry, Indian tea, various spices, including peppers, cinnamon, curry and so on.
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Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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