New in-flight service from American Airlines!

American Airlines are happy to announce that all of their in-flight media content is non-chargeable anymore.
American Airlines are offering their passengers new entertainment options on their aircrafts. To be exact, American are making their media entertainment completely free, which includes in-flight movies, television and music.

We could have seen same actions done by Delta Airlines earlier this summer, which means that American Airlines paid attention to these steps and took actions in order to compete in providing their customers best entertainment options.

Previously, American Airlines provided a small variety of movies and television on domestic flights for a price between $4 to $8. Now, most of new released movies as well as most popular tv shows will be shown to all flying passengers, including customers flying in coach.

American Airlines promises to enable these services in their system which is already installed on approximately 300 aircrafts. The airlines also provided the information on their current media library. It includes 700 music albums, 300 television shows, 165 movies and 20 games.

For passengers that do not have seat-back screens WiFi connection will be provided, thus they will have an opportunity to stream music, television shows and movies for free on their gadgets.

In order to enjoy these new services offered from American Airlines please visit and book airline tickets online with one of the biggest US Airline. 

Author: Yana Sharkevich


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