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There is no doubt, why travelers prefer Senegal more than any other African country.

Vivid colors, shining sun, charming houses, large beaches and crystal clear ocean may definitely attract even the most experienced travelers. Senegal is a place, where anyone can find something interesting for himself beginning from the long walks through the desert and to the peaceful nature admiring on the bank of the lake and exotic excursions.
Senegal is full of truly African touristic attractions, like extraordinary nature with lots of various national parks, luxurious beaches, distinctive culture and absolutely amazing exotic atmosphere. One of the main local “gems” is an incredible number of different fish species – that’s why this country may be truly called a “dream place” of every fisherman.
Nowadays, tourism is developing quite quickly in the country: lots of rather good and comfortable hotels and restaurants are being built, new tourist routes are being planned and so on.
Saint-Louis is considered one of the most interesting local cities, which at the same time is considered the oldest city of the country.
While the city of Dakar is the capital of the country, the city of Kaolack is considered the “peanut capital” of Senegal. The local market, beautiful mosque, ancient ruins and historically significant territories are the main things that attract travelers exactly to this city.
The unique Lake Retba is an absolutely amazing local sightseeing, which is located just in 30 kilometers of the capital of the country. The special thing about this lake is its unusual pink color, which made this lake popular all over the world.
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Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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