Four main prohibitions every private guide should remember

In order to make your excursion the most memorable and pleasant for your travelers and to avoid any unexpected situations, every private guide should follow the simple rules and remember about four main prohibitions while holding a tour:
  • Do not hurry – even if your excursion is going to be extra interesting, but your travelers are looking too exhausted – their comfort and wishes are in the first place. The most important thing here is not the quantity of the given knowledge but its quality and the emotional atmosphere of the trip.
  • Do not argue – every person has a right to have and share his own opinion. Every traveler that is going on a trip doesn’t expect the situations, where he would have to argue, proving he’s right, so in any case, don’t try to bring him over to your point of view – just listen, smile and discuss, that’s the right way out.
  • Do not lie – you don’t have to know all the things, existing in the world, so it’s better tell that you are not sure about the answer on some particular additional question, than try to make up an “appropriate” answer. Remember that nowadays all the information is quite easy to check, so do not risk or you may lose your travelers’ trust.
  • Do not panic – closed museum or broken bus is not a problem or a reason to panic, it’s just another chance to find much more interesting way of pastime. A really good private guide always has about 2-3 backup plans for such a case.

Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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