KLM is pleased with its passengers a new service

KLM will enable passengers on board aircraft to enjoy the taste of draft beer
KLM is the only aviation company in the world, which will provide an opportunity to test its tourists an unusual service - draft beer on board the other ship. This idea originated long ago, but due to technical difficulties, has been realized only in the summer.

Airline KLM has long worked with Heineken on the introduction of unusual services for passengers. For the realization of this project it took years for development of special containers, which would be operated at an altitude of 10,000 meters and would keep the taste fresh and the beer temperature.

KLM officials said that the project is expensive, a lot of effort was not without the introduction of new technologies in the field of air transportation. The main challenge remains the development of the cooling system and the creation of capacity required size.

The unusual idea was born a few years ago at the KLM passengers who prefer for pouring beer. Tourists can buy tickets now to enjoy a new option, the KLM, starting in August. Testing of the project was scheduled to begin July 2, 2016, but it was decided to move it to the beginning of August, as not all the necessary safety certificates were obtained.

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Author: Anastasia Radova

Source: TravelPapa.com

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