The difference between a group and a private tour

Communication with a large group of about 20-30 people and a talk with one certain person on a tour require quite different approach.

In the first case, a guide has to organize a crowd: to turn them into the right direction, look after all the participants and support their mood. In the second case, you don’t have to be concentrated on the large audience, nevertheless, you have to deeply examine all the interests and personal preferences of your traveler. So, what are the main differences of a private tour?

  • Changes in program – when you go on a group tour, you always know in advance the theme, route, duration, date and meeting point of your trip. But when you’re going to hold a private tour, all these factors (except the tour theme) may vary a lot, depending on different circumstances, including some personal reasons or even the weather. Of course, all the possible changes should be discussed in advance, for example, on the website.
  • Taking into account the personal interests – the speech for a group tour usually consists of the various historical or interesting facts about certain sightseeing (depending on what you are visiting), prepared and studied in advance. The only time you have a possibility to improvise, is when you’re answering some additional questions. In case, when you are holding a private tour you should better learn in advance about your traveler’s preferences and interests. You should also always look after his mood and reactions and never be shy to ask about his wishes and impressions. This will help you organize your private tour better and at the same time gain a reputation of extremely attentive guide.
  • More details – there are always some breaks in a speech on a group tour: while moving from one sightseeing to another, while waiting for the rest of participants and so on. On a private tour you don’t have to be silent, as your traveler would like to learn more additional details about the things around him and probably would even like to get some new local experience, like sculpturing a jar, creating a mosaic, painting the fabric and so on. Thus, on a private tour there are much more possibilities of getting some really unforgettable impressions!
  • Answering all the questions – while working with a large group, a private guide has a possibility to choose what kind of questions to answer, as there’s not enough time to answer all of them. While going on a private tour, you won’t have an opportunity to avoid the questions that you are not quite sure about, so you’re better not offer the destination, which you don’t know much about.
TravelPapa Guides doesn’t say that one type of excursions is better than another; they just differ a lot in their smallest details and may bring lots of quite different experience, impressions and memories to their visitors!


Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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