Five main rules of a perfect private guide

The most important thing for every traveler is to learn something extraordinary, to get new fresh impressions from the trip and to avoid any unpleasant circumstances like bad weather and so on.

But as a rule, these factors directly depend on the private guide, his skills and his experience. So, wondering how to make your excursion the most memorable one for your travelers? Here are the five main rules:

  • Find a way out from any unplanned situation – there are no perfect circumstances and you may never plan your trip in the smallest details – maybe the bus will be late or, maybe, the museum will be closed for holidays – you may never know in advance. Anyway, travelers are longing to see something interesting and not to solve these problems, so it’s you who has to improvise.
  • Make jokes – a perfect guide is not a “monotonous radio” but a source of good mood and nice emotions. An appropriate joke or a funny story added to the main speech will help your travelers relax and will create the right atmosphere on your way to the tour destination.
  • Be emotional – yes, it’s hard to look interested when you’re telling the same story every day for the umpteenth time. But nevertheless, really professional private guides do know how to cope with it, as they know: it is their duty to involve traveler in their speech and to make him empathize.
  • Improvise – excursion, based on the travelers’ interests and wishes is going to be considered a perfect one. Just involve your imagination!
  • Put yourself in your traveler’s place – there are lots of reasons to be tired and nervous – long flight, endless queue, exhausting walks, acclimatization and so on. Sometimes a small cup of coffee or additional stop to take some rest is usually enough to gain traveler’s favor and avoid a possible conflict.

Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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