Amazing April Fools Traditions From Around the World

Have you ever wondered why French people call it April Fish? We have all the answers about these Amazing April Fools Traditions From Around the World.

As the April 1st is approaching and you are preparing for funny pranks and practical jokes, TravelPapa wants to tell you about the April Fools Traditions from Around The World. Let’s find out, which country has the funniest customs for this day!



April Fools Traditions: France

French people love to make practical jokes all year round. But for this special day they have one very strange tradition. On April 1st you need to stick a paper fish to the back of your unsuspecting friend. Nobody knows where it originated, but every year thousands of French schoolchildren are playing in this wacky game. This is why in France this holiday is known as Poisson d’Avril. Or in English, “April Fish”.
Some say it goes back to the calendar reform in 1564 when King Charles XIV of France moved the start of the year from the end of March to January 1st. However, due to the lack of communication, some regions still celebrated the new year on the last week of March, and those who knew about the recent reform, were making fun of them by sticking a paper fish to their backs.

By the way, Italy has a similar tradition called Pesce d’Aprile.

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April Fools Traditions: Scotland

When you imagine Scottish people you think about smiling lads who are always hanging out and having fun. Maybe it’s why Scotland extends April Fools into one more day. On April 1st, or as they traditionally were calling it Hunt the Gowk Day (Gowk means cuckoo), there is an ongoing prank where you ask your friend to deliver a small sealed letter to someone. The message inside the letter says: “Never laugh, never smile, Hunt the gowk another mile”. The recipient must redirect the victim to the next person until they start to suspect something. In the old times the victim could run around the town for the whole day.

The second day is known as the Taily Day. All day long people try to place a tail on another person’s back. Maybe this innocent game was the starting point for the infamous “Kick Me” sign. Who knows?

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April Fools Traditions: Iran
Photo by TravelPapa Private Tour Guide Nemat Sahra

Sizdah Bedar marks the 13th day of Persian New Year. This holiday usually falls on April 1 or April 2. The day marks the transition into the New Year and the name of the holiday can be translated as “Thirteen, get out”. Despite the association of the number “13” with the bad luck, this holiday tries to bring fortune into the New Year. Major part of the day people spend outside to enjoy nature. The main tradition that connects Sizdah Bedar with April Fools is Durugh-i Sizdah. In other words, “the lie of thirteen”. You need to fool your friend by telling him a lie and convincing him that what you said is true.
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April Fools is the funniest day of the year. We hope you will have a day full of laughs and good jokes. 


Author: Pavel Malisev


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