Locals: advantages of discovering new city with a local citizen

Ever wondered why is it so cool traveling with locals? Read the article to find the answers.

Traveling is getting more and more popular nowadays and almost everyone leaves his home at least for the few days for the new adventures and memorable moments. So, as a rule, there are three most common ways to travel around the new locations - by yourself, with a private tour guide or with a local.

Lots of people prefer traveling alone or with their friends and family, but nevertheless a quite huge part of travelers prefer having a private tour guide, leading them through their route.

And what about locals? This way of traveling has appeared not a very long time ago, but is already getting more and more popular with every day. But what are the main advantages of choosing a local citizen as your travel companion? Read the article TravelPapa has prepared for you to check them out!



  • Visiting only those places that would be interesting exactly for you

Locals are always planning your way, depending on the things you are interested in, the most. Do you love nature? Go and enjoy all the best parks and gardens of the city. Enjoying art? Local will show you the most really interesting galleries and graffiti alleys that are hidden from the eyes of foreigners. Want to party the whole vacation? Make a tour around the best city bars, pubs and clubs that are popular exactly among the local citizens and do not have the way too high prices for travelers.

  • Avoiding all the main tourist traps

Who can know better the places that are intended only to get more money from the foreigners and not for their attraction or cultural education? Or, for example, who will help you find the best local stores, shopping malls and restaurants that have the best quality and are not overcrowded by the foreigners, even though visited by the local population? That’s why you need a local on your trip!

  • Meeting new people and making new friends

When traveling with a guide, you are only following his route and instructions, listening to the stories, prepared in advance. While traveling with local, you may be changing your routes as often as you would like to and speak on any topic you would like to choose. Thus, it is quite easily possible to find new friends in any country you are going to with thу similar interests, tastes and hobbies.

  • Seeing the city through the eyes of those who live there

If choosing local as your travel companion you will never have to regret about missing some details of your cultural program, forgetting about some most popular local places or “must-see” spots. Local knows what is really worth seeing and will never let you miss even the smallest interesting thing!


Got interested? Check the largest variety of TravelPapa Locals from all over the world and find the one with the same interests that you have to make your next trip full of absolutely new and exciting adventures!


Author: Anastasia Ciolac

Source: TravelPapa.com

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