Guided tour advantages: why is it worth traveling with a private guide

Still not sure about the guided tour advantages? Then you should definitely read this!
Sometimes we all just get way too lazy and we prefer to find the prepared and carefully planned trips for our next vacation than doing all the research ourselves. But some people nowadays haven’t used yet to the modern ways of traveling and haven’t heard enough about traveling with professional private tour guides, according to their programs. So, in case if you are still not sure about the guided tour advantages, TravelPapa has specially prepared this article for you. Check it out!
  • Personalized exploring

First of all, you automatically free yourself from the overfilled groups and noisy group neighbors and their constant distracted conversations and questions. Besides that, you can listen to the guide’s story one-to-one and not standing at the back of the crowd, avoiding the banal monologue and asking about the details that are personally important exactly to you and nobody else.

Guided tour advantages

  • Improvisation during the trip

With a private guide you can always change your route, giving preference to some unusual places or unexpected sightseeings on your way to your real destination, that are maybe not so popular among the tourists, but are interesting exactly for you, in that way avoiding visiting the boring museum or a well-known cathedral.

Guided tour advantages

  • No hurry at all

Yes, it is clear already that your “must-see” list may change during your trip, depending on the change of your mood, weather and other circumstances, but moreover, you can follow your tour route at your own pace and there is absolutely no need to hurry at all! It’s more significant for those, who love photo or video shooting, especially from the most diverse angles. And remember: with a private guide there’s no need to bustle or hurry, you have as much time as you give yourself – there are no standard 2-3 minutes to look at the sightseeing and there’s no “we have to be there on 2.00” phrases and so on.

Guided tour advantages

  • All the smallest details are already planned for you

Yes, you are the one to finally choose whether you would like to visit that museum or better go climb the highest mountain of the area, but nevertheless, you don’t have to waste your time planning all the possible ways of entertaining in the area you are traveling to - everything is already planned by your private tour guide! Just choose the most favorite options for you and enjoy your stay in the foreign country!

Guided tour advantages

And how do YOU think? What are the other advantages of the guided tours? Anyway, start planning your next vacation today and discover the most affordable airfares, interesting excursions and private tour guides together with TravelPapa!

Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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