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Even though, that Macedonia has a lot of unique and quite interesting things to show to its visitors, the country nowadays is still considered one of the most unexplored tourist destinations. Its great ancient ruins of the past, distinctive tiny villages and high mountain peaks are still considered mysterious natural treasures of the country that are not well enough explored by the foreign visitors. Coming to Macedonia means not only discovering all of these beauties, but also exploring the unusual combination of two different cultures Macedonians and Albanians, Turks and Greeks. TravelPapa has chosen the most interesting tours around the country to help you discover Macedonia in the most beautiful and interesting ways. Check them out!

This 12 hours long private car tour, provides you with a perfect possibility to explore two the most popular travel destinations of Macedonia - the capital of the country, Skopje, one of the most beautiful and coziest local cities and the famous city of Ohrid with the giant Ohrid Lake, which, by the way, is considered the second largest european lake after Lake Baikal.

Visit the ancient Czar Samuel Fortress, St. Clement Church, attend the Roman ancient Theater and see the famous local St. Naum Monastery with your own eyes! You just need to ask our professional private tour guide from Macedonia and he will be glad to provide you with one of the most picturesque tours ever!


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Discover Macedonia
(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Zoran Stavrevski)

The five hours long car tour gives you the possibility to see such popular local sightseeings of Macedonia as the Millenium Cross, which is placed on the top of Vodno Mountain and is towering above the capital, shining brightly at night and which is also considered the highest cross in the whole Europe with the height of about sixty meters.

Besides that you will be able to visit the absolutely picturesque Matka Canyon, which is surrounded by the high mountain chains and which provides all the visitors with stunning views and breath-taking landscapes of Macedonian nature. Go on a boat ride through the whole canyon to enjoy it in full!

Discover Macedonia
(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Zoran Stavrevski)

This two and a half hours long walking tour around another large Macedonian city of Bitola allows you to see all its main architectural and historical monuments and sightseeings, including the main walking street of the city - Shirok Sokak, the vivid Old Bazaar, the ancient Clock Tower, Archaeological City Heraclea Lyncestis and many many other things - you just need to ask!

Discover Macedonia
(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Goran Pinza)

Seven hours long car tour to the ancient Macedonian observatory of Kokino, stone town of Kuklica, ancient and mysterious Osogovo Monastery and the picturesque old Church of St. George are considered few of the most significant historical places of Macedonia, so don’t miss a chance to see them with your own eyes during your stay in Macedonia!

Discover Macedonia
(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Zoran Stavrevski)

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Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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