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Thousands of travelers annually enjoy their vacation in Croatia, but everyone is doing it in their own individual way: someone enjoys the amazing ecology of the country: crystal clear sea and nice beaches, surrounded by the high pines; the others prefer visiting the mineral springs or tasting the delicious local cuisine.

The capital of Croatia is the city of Zagreb and the resort part of the country in general may be divided into three parts:  Istria Peninsula, Middle Dalmatia and Southern Dalmatia.
One of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia is Krka National Park, which is famous for its canyon, where you can discover a picturesque lake, a waterfall of about 20 meters high and an abandoned ancient monastery just in the middle of the desert island. But besides that, Plitvice Lake National Park is much more popular and is considered one of the most beautiful places in Europe.
Abandoned cities is one more special sightseeing of Croatia, which includes the Bare Island, which is also known as Goli Otok, the town of Hum, which is considered the tiniest town in the whole world – it’s population consists of only 17 people, the ancient ruins of the city of Dvigrad and so on. Besides that, there is a huge number of ancient castles, that are spread all over the country and there are lots of theme excursions offered in Croatia, depending on the travelers’ interests beginning from the gastronomic tours and to the “Game of Thrones Places” tours, intended for the movie’s fans.
Four main things that everyone should do, while staying in Croatia are: exploring the legendary caves on the Mljet Island, going on a disco adventure on the Hvar Island (as there is a huge number of different cafes, restaurants and night clubs), rafting on Cetina River, which also includes the descent from the waterfall of 50 meters high and wandering through the labyrinths of the Vranjaca Cave.
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Author: Anastasia Ciolac

Source: TravelPapa.com/PrivateTourGuides

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