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First of all, Portugal may be associated with a rich historical heritage, amazing local wines and cuisine, perfect hotels, warm pleasant climate, high level of safety and a huge number of offered entertainments.

It doesn’t matter, if you’re going to rest on a beach, explore the historical places of the country, go diving, discover the bright Portugal nightlife or just taste the local cuisine – Portugal offers you all of it!
There are both sandy and pebble beaches in Portugal and, by the way, there are plenty of tem, but you should always pay attention on the flags, places on their territory: red one means that the sea is quite stormy and it’s categorically forbidden to swim; yellow color means that you should be more attentive while staying in the water and the green one means that it is absolutely safe to swim.
Even though the territory of Portugal is rather small, it may be truly considered a proud owner of a very rich historical heritage: lots of ancient cathedrals, palaces and fortresses are still spread all over the country nowadays. The most popular tourist destinations of Portugal are the cities of Lisbon, Porto, one of the most ancient cities and the former capital of the country, Braga, cultural and religious center of Portugal and Coimbra, which contains few monasteries and the ancient fortress walls.
The most popular souvenirs to bring back home from your Portuguese trip are the world-wide known local wine of Madeira, original red and white port wine, different ceramic, leather and braided articles, hand-made laces and so on.
Prepare for your Portuguese adventure with the help of TravelPapa Guides!

Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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