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Tours and Excursions in Arusha

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About Arusha

The former colonial town of Arusha nowadays represents a quite noisy, vivid and unuual tourist capital of Tanzania, which is considered the main meeting point for all the safari tours, provided by the local private tour guides to the most popular local national parks of the country, where it is possible to know better the local flora and fauna and even watch the wild animals in their natural habitat, getting, probably, the most unforgettable travel experience in your whole life!
In only about 32 kilometers away from Arusha is situated one of the most famous national paks of the country with the same name, which is truly considered nowadays the real capital of safari of northern Tanzania. The main gem of this national park is reprsented by a quite large number of giraffes, dwelling on its territory (basically, they are almost the only dwellers of the national park), which makes walking around on foot absolutely safe for the foreign adventurers. Besides that, there is absolutely rich fauna on the territory of Arusha nearest surrounding, including about 400 of various birds species, gorgeous elephants, various monkeys secies, leopards and other animals.

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