How to Find the Best Travel Companion With TravelPapa Locals?

Find your travel companion, build relationships and explore the world as you've never done before with TravelPapa Locals!

As the travel season is approaching, you are probably planning your vacation. New places, new experiences and, of course, new people and new relationships. We all love making friends on our trips and experience has shown that sometimes people you’ve met are more memorable than the landmarks you’ve seen. To build the real relationships and to make traveler’s life easier we’ve created TravelPapa Locals.

A Local – is a person who helps travelers explore the city through the eyes of those who live there. This amazing project is designed to help people from all over the world exchange their experience, help each other, learn something new and discover the new destinations as they have never done before. We think that TravelPapa Locals can change the way you explore the world.

If you like this idea, then you should definitely try travelling with a Local on your next trip! But how do you choose a suitable person from the variety of awesome people? Today we are going to give you some tips on how to find the best travel companion with TravelPapa Locals!

Find the Best Travel Companion With TravelPapa Locals


Choose Your Destination

This is the first and the most obvious step. If you want to discover the city from the local’s perspective, you need to know what city you’d like to explore in the first place. With our convenient search, in a matter of several clicks, you can check out all the TravelPapa Locals in the location you are interested in.

You can do this directly from TravelPapa main page. Just go to the “Locals” tab and type in your destination. It can be a country or a cityю. After you click “Search” button in the search results you will see all the TravelPapa Locals based in this particular location. Now you can start choosing the most suitable person to become your travel companion.


Set Your Goals

First of all, let’s specify what are your main goals and what are your expectations. Do you want to find yourself a good friend who will show you around his city? Or you need a person who knows the best local bars and clubs? Maybe you are looking for a travel partner or for a translator? Once you’ve established your goal, you can start looking through the profiles. 

The Face Says It All

Profile picture is the first thing you will notice while looking through the variety of TravelPapa Locals. A photo can say a lot about this person. Looking on this picture you can say if you will like this guy/girl and what he/she is like in the real life. But don’t forget that sometimes looks can be deceiving (especially on the web). That is why we recommend you to look on some other things before contacting a Local.

Find Travel Companion With TravelPapa Locals

Do You Have Common Interests?  

When you enter the Local’s public profile you can notice “Interests” tab. Here you can see what this person is interested in and what he can offer as a Local.

If you are into history and if you want to have a local guide who can tell you some stories and legends, you better look for Locals who checked History & Culture, Arts & Museums and Sightseeing & Walking Tours in their profile. If you need some help arriving to unfamiliar country check out profiles with Translation & Interpretation checked. And if you prefer active leisure, search for the Locals interested in Health & Sports, Yoga & Meditation and Nature & Wildlife.

On you can find yourself a travel companion of any kind! To make it easier you can filter Locals by interests. Just use a dropdown menu “Interest(s)” on the search results page.

Find-Travel Companion With TravelPapa Locals Review

Check out Other Travelers’ Reviews

This is the most accurate way to see the quality of the Local’s work. Everyone who has been using his services has a chance to leave a review and to give a feedback on their experience with that person. More importantly, you can contact any traveler who have left a review and to ask their opinion about that Local.

To see the reviews, go to the Local’s profile and click on the “Reviews” tab. And, of course, we encourage you to leave a review on your Local after your trip.

These are the main things you should bear in mind while searching for a perfect travel companion on If you like the idea of exchanging your culture and helping tourists from all over the world, we recommend you to learn more about how you can become a TravelPapa local here.

We wish you more amazing trips and more wonderful people on your way!



Author: Pavel Malisev


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