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Vacation in Russia, officially known as the Russian Federation, includes everything that may be interesting for a foreign traveler, beginning with the rest on the beach resorts by the Black Sea and to the numerous excursions all over the country, multiple cruises and other activities.

It’s hard to imagine something more difficult to describe as such a huge, great, beautiful, various and large country as Russia. Endless steppes, green taiga, blossoming tundra, rich architectural monuments, huge cities and  distinctive villages – all these things come up to the mind, when hearing about this country.
Both Moscow and Saint-Petersburg equally attract thousands of tourists here every year. Numerous art galleries, museum, amazingly beautiful architecture, churches, monasteries, palaces, parks and gardens, various theatres and concert halls – all these things welcome foreign visitors from all over the world, providing them with multiple tourist entertainments.
The best time for visiting the country depends on your goals: if you are going to explore the sightseeings, it’s better go there in summer, as you’ll have to walk a lot and the weather will be rather pleasant for that; if you are going on a photo tour, you’re better visit Russia either in May or in September. The winter period is a perfect one for admiring the snow covered nature landscapes, especially the traditional Russian villages. It’s better to avoid planning your trip on October, November, March or April as the weather may spoil all your impressions from the trip.
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Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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