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Ankara is a favorite touristic destination, having a picturesque and historic representation. It is a place where you can go twice or even more to visit. It is like a mystery, gradually discovered or a muse for people interested in history and new experience. For such people and not only them, Travelpapa is offering great fare deals, including low-cost tickets and cheap flights to Ankara.

Ankara, also called Angora is the capital of Turkey. After Istanbul, Ankara is the second largest city in the country. Townspeople consider Ankara a unique city, having a mean elevation upwards of 900 meters. The city of Ankara is the home of almost 4.5 million people. Ankara is an important city from commercial and industrial points of view. Being the center of the Turkish Government, the city houses many foreign embassies.


Ankara is a green city compared to other cities at this level, even if it is situated in one of the driest places in Turkey with mostly steppe vegetation. The climate of Ankara is a continental one, being accompanied by cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers. After Köppen's climate classification, Ankara has a semi-arid climate.

Having a rich past, Ankara is evaluated as a very old city, although only a few historic structures have survived to the present days. However, the citadel, being the oldest part of Ankara, contains many fine examples of traditional architecture. The Ankara citadel is a muddle of tiny streets and flimsy houses. There are also recreational areas to relax. Many restored traditional Turkish houses inside the citadel area have found new life as restaurants, serving local kitchens.

Some of the places that show the capital's architecture are the Roman Theatre, the Temple of Augustus and Rome, Roman Bath and Column of Julian. Temple of Augustus and Rome was built between 25 and 20 BC by the Roman Empire, but in the 5th century it was converted into a church by the Byzantines. The Temple of Augustus and Rome is located in the Ulus quarter of the city where it is situated and the Roman Bath, actually only the basement and first floors.

As it has been said, Ankara is a green city. There are many parks to spend a day with family or having picnics. Some of them are Gençlik Parkı (known for its large pond for rowing), the Botanical Garden, Seğmenler Park, Anayasa Park, Kuğulu Park (famous for the swans received as a gift from the Chinese government), Abdi İpekçi Park, Güven Park, Kurtuluş Park (with an ice-skating rink), Altınpark, Harikalar Diyarı (claimed to be the biggest park of Europe inside city borders) and Atatürk Forest Farm and Zoo.

Due to the colorful history of Turkish lands, Ankara has a beautiful and a remarkable number of museums, which are also the main sights of the capital. Starting with the Museum of Ethnography, where can be found the collection's highlights, which include the circumcision room, folkloric items, as well as artifacts from the Seljuk and Ottoman periods or Museum of Anatolian Civilization, where are exhibited finds from the Catal Huyuk site, considered the earliest known human community in the world and collections of tablets founded long time ago and continuing to Railway Museum, Old Locomotive Museum, Museum of Painting and Sculpture, War of Salvation Museum and Old Turkish House Museum, where the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Republic of Turkey, stands. The museum is also an impressive fusion of ancient and modern architectural styles.

Ankara, besides all its functions, is also a shopping city. Many tourists are enjoying all year round shopping there. They usually like to visit old shops in Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu (Weavers' Road) near Ulus, where a lot of things, from traditional fabrics, hand-woven carpets and leather products can be found at affordable prices. Also, many foreigners opt for Bazaar of Coppersmiths, where they can find jewelry, carpets, costumes, antiques and embroidery. Next to the castle gate, there are many shops selling a huge and fresh collection of spices, dried fruits, nuts, and other produce.

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