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A group of 115 islands known only to the elite few, the Seychelles Islands are the first choice for sun lovers and beach worshippers all around the world. Book cheap flights to Seychelles with and let yourself be kissed by the sun and hugged by the waves.

Named after a commander of a French expedition after the islands were discovered in 1756, Seychelles' population lives on granite islands, where the bulk of the country's resorts can be found.

The islands have three main languages including English, French and Creole (a French based language) but many of the natives also speak fluent Italian and German.

Though there is no culture indigenous in Seychelles, many influences from Africa, Europe and Asia still remain. The cosmopolitan Seychellois are a colourful blend of people that brought their distinct traditions and customs that contribute to the way of life on the islands. One can easily spot these influences in the local art, cuisine, music, dance and architecture. So let the people teach you about the art of living stress free and reserve your cheap flight to Seychelles today.

The Seychelles consist of many islands in the Indian Ocean that have long been considered some of the world's greatest treasures. Stretching from Africa to Madagascar, the Seychelles is sought after by fisherman, sailors, and those seeking a beautiful holiday destination.

The islands are known for their pristine beaches and the fact that their location is strategically removed from everyday living. Seychelles remain largely untouched by global industries, but they maintain a high standard of living through resorts and hotels.

The islands' unspoiled and unpolluted beauty offers a level of harmony and natural peace that few other holiday destinations possess. Appetizing isn't it? Reserve cheap tickets to Seychelles because this is one can't miss hot spot.

Speaking of appetizing, the local cuisine reflects Indian, Chinese, French, and African influences. The traditional meals involve seafood, lots of spices, rice and coconut. Meals are usually washed down with a local lager known as Seybrew… hey, you're on vacation after all.

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