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El Salvador is located in Central America (school geography does come in handy... go figure) and has a tropical climate. Temperatures vary with elevation, not seasons. The average temperature is from 77 to 84.2 degrees F (25 to 29 C). The rainy season is from May to October while the dry season tends to be from November to April. Over 85 percent of the land is made up of mountain ranges and plateaus, while the rest of the land (that means 15% for all the math haters) is referred to as the Pacific lowlands.

The official language is Spanish and the country has a very rich Mestizo culture. The country's culture is a heavy mixture of Native American Indigenous and European Spanish influences. The most popular cities in the country are San Salvador (the capital), La Libertad, Juayua, and Santa Ana. These cities are full of Eco touristic opportunities.

Los Planes de Renderos is considered to be the best view of El Salvador, by both locals and tourists. You can see the entire south part of the country. The climate is cooler up there, so it's a good place to cool down while you enjoy some traditional folk dances. The Montecristo Cloud Forest is the biggest cloud forest in Central America (impressive, no?) and contains some of the most rare wildlife in the country. The facility also offers trekking.

If you’re interested in learning about pre-Colombian life, the Museum of Anthropology is your oyster. The museum has an extensive collection of traditional handcrafts and other displays that give you a full understanding of what life was like in El Salvador during 1500 BC to 1525 AD. History buffs are also attracted to Joya de Ceren Archaeological Site, a Mayan village that was buried under a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago.

Punta Roca is well known in the surfer community as having some of the most interactive waves in Central America. The beaches at this site are lively, filled with vendors and warm sunshine. The most modern zoo in Central America, "The National Zoo" is in El Salvador and each animal lives in a "house" that completely resembles its usual living environments.

Are you a little hungry after all of that tourism? Fill up on pupusas, the national Salvadoran dish. A thick hand-made corn flour tortilla stuffed with cheese, cooked pork, refried beans and loroco (whatever that is). Most importantly, the country has an impressive beer brewery, with its national alcoholic beverage being Pilsener.

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