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Cape Verde is more or less of a secret treasure. An unknown jewel tucked away. A hidden secret. Well, you get the picture. It may not be as talked about, but that's only because it's an exclusive getaway. Think an underground dance club that only the cool kids at school knew about. Well, at, you are the cool kids, so here is your all exclusive insight.

TravelPapa can offer you cheap tickets to Cape Verde and give you the opportunity to brag about your unbelievable adventure. It is an island country, with ten islands spread out in the shape of a horseshoe (the horseshoe stands for good luck. Coincidence?).

Discovered by Portuguese explorers in 1456, Cape Verde has been thriving ever since. The islands vary in geographical characteristics and has a very vibrant culture, with a prominent mixture of Portuguese (hence the Portuguese explorers) and African influences. Each island has its own individual style and is famous for its own attributions.

So weather you enjoy markets with fresh grown fruits, waves that make California jealous, challenging yourself with mountain hiking (you know it's good for your thighs), the way Portuguese girls roll their letters, or any combination of these things, then reserve your cheap flight to Cape Verde here, and all these treasures can be yours.

The local people will make you feel at home and believe in the strength of the cachupa (their national dish), a fish stew, to change any meal into a celebration of story sharing and taking strolls down memory lane. Come on, Charles Darwin visited this island for a reason (remember him? He had something to do with evolution… or something along those lines).

Find out what the reason was and reserve a cheap flight to Cape Verde with TravelPapa. Made up of cities such as Santiago (note: different from San Diego, where the celebrities live) and Boa Vista (which means "good view"). So what's not too love? Book your cheap tickets to Cape Verde now, and paradise will be at your fingertips. You will thank yourself later.

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