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Bolivia is one of those countries you visit if you're tired of rap music and are craving some more cultural and melodious tunes, or if you're in the mood for something salty. If these statements describe you, then book your cheap tickets to Bolivia right now with TravelPapa. If not, keep reading because you will be persuaded sooner or later.

If you like organic food (and just realized that Whole Foods is totally ripping you off) then Bolivia is waiting for you with open arms, considering that it is the top 10 country on Earth with the greatest amount of organic vegetation. But if you're not a fruits and vegetables person (no, passion fruit mojitos don't count as fruit), then why not exhilarate your taste buds with some fried frog legs, a Bolivian delicatessen?

Bolivia is also one of the world's largest cultivators of cocoa (think of all that unlimited chocolate at your disposal). If you're already drooling onto your keyboard, then the only thing standing between you and paradise are cheap tickets to Bolivia, which you can quickly reserve with TravelPapa.

But if you're tougher to break, then wait till you hear that Bolivia has the largest South American lake (Lake Titicaca), is home to the largest deposit of salt, houses the largest carved stone in the world and has the world's largest butterfly sanctuary.

If you don't love lakes, salt, rocks or butterflies then there really is no pleasing you! The final hook is that Santa Cruz, Bolivia is famous for its abundance of beautiful women (aka, exotic Latinas) and is a major modeling hub.

So if you like chocolate, models, fresh food, incredible landscapes, tropical forests, and frogs, or any combination of these things, then booking cheap flight to Bolivia is easy with You don't think that Simon Bolivar would have fought against the Spaniards to free Bolivia, if it wasn't worth seeing? That poor guy risked his life to make sure that you have the chance to visit this fascinating country one day, so if you don't want to do it for yourself, do it for Uncle Simon. Simon would want you to book with TravelPapa as well, for only here we have cheap tickets to Bolivia. He said it himself… and you don't question a man who they named a country after (Bolivar.. Bolivia.. see it?)

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