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Transaero Airlines was the first private airline in the history of Russia. From the very beginning, the company was built on a new foundation, absorbing the best in the world civil aviation industry.

Transaero was the first in Russia to add modern foreign-made aircraft to its fleet, to provide an international standard of service on its domestic routes (in particular by introducing Business Class on domestic flights), to create a flexible system of fares and discounts, and to design and introduce frequent-flyer incentive programs. The quality of our product was a true breakthrough into the future. Many Transaero standards remain unique today. Our pilots underwent training from such firms as The Boeing Company, United Airlines, American Airlines and British Airways, and our flight attendants with Air France, British Airways, Finnair and KLM.

Transaero birthday was November 5, 1991. On this day, the airline carried out its first flight, a Moscow-Tel Aviv-Moscow charter, using an aircraft that was operated on a lease but bore the company’s own airline code, UN.

♦ Transaero receives its first aircraft, a custom-built Ilyushin Il-86 with an upgraded interior and improved layout.
♦ The company launches a Moscow-Norilsk, Russia flight, its first scheduled flight.

♦ Transaero is the first in Russia to receive Boeing aircraft. Transaero Airlines and Boeing Commercial Airplanes have worked together efficiently ever since.
♦ Transaero launches scheduled flights from Moscow to Kiev, Alma-Ata, Minsk and Riga.
♦ After Russia and Israel concluded a bilateral Air Transport Agreement in November 1993, Transaero launches scheduled service between Moscow and Tel-Aviv as Russia’s officially appointed carrier.

♦ Transaero opens scheduled service to Novosibirsk, Tashkent, Yekaterinburg, Odessa, London (via Riga), Eilat, Baku, Vladivostok and Nizhnevartovsk.

♦ Transaero launches regular service to Saint-Petersburg, Irkutsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Berlin and Frankfurt am Mein.
♦ Transaero becomes the first in Russia to design and introduce a frequent-flyer incentive program, Transaero Privilege.
♦ Upon a personal request from the president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, in November Transaero carries out its first-ever flight from Moscow to Astana, known as Akmola at the time. Transaero becomes the first foreign airline to open air service to the future Kazakh capital. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) names Transaero the world’s fastest-growing airline in 1995.

♦ The airline gets its first long-range aircraft. It carries out its first flight to North America, to Los Angeles, and opens scheduled air service from Moscow to Karaganda, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk and ChiÅŸinău.

♦ Transaero becomes the first Russian airline to obtain a US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) aircraft maintenance certificate allowing it to service its US-built aircraft.
♦ Transaero launches scheduled flights to Hong Kong and U-Tapao Pattaya International Airport, Thailand.

♦ Transaero carries out the first transpolar flight from Moscow via Krasnoyarsk and Toronto to New York.
♦ Transaero is Russia’s first and the world’s second airline to receive Boeing 737-700 new-generation aircraft.
♦ Transaero launches scheduled flights to Orel and Tyumen, Russia, and Paphos, Cyprus, as well as direct Moscow-London flights.

♦ Transaero is Russia’s first airline to make code sharing agreements with other Russian and CIS air carriers.

♦ IATA names Transaero the world leader in flight safety and immigration compliance. According to Boeing, Transaero takes the lead in Boeing 737-700 operation efficiency.
♦ Transaero is awarded a European JAR-145 certificate for the maintenance of foreign-made aircraft.
♦ Transaero Transaero launches scheduled air service between Moscow and the EU capital, Strasbourg, and opens an air route from Moscow to Atyrau, Kazakhstan.

♦ Transaero moves its home base to Domodedovo, Russia’s most advanced and comfortable airport.
♦ Olga Pleshakova is appointed as Transaero Airlines General Director.

♦ Transaero adds Boeing 767-200 long-range and Boeing 737-300 medium-range aircraft to its fleet.
♦ Transaero launches the first-ever direct flight from Moscow to Taipei. Transaero passengers can now ride an express train from Moscow to Domodedovo and back for free.

♦ New Boeing 767-300 long-range aircraft are added to the Transaero fleet.
♦ Transaero General Director Olga Pleshakova wins the Russian Academy of Business Olympia Prize in the Business Reputation category. Transaero is the first Russian airline to allow its passengers to check in for any of its flights at any of its desks in Domodedovo Airport to help save time. In December, Transaero becomes the first Russian airline to open a Business Class lounge in Domodedovo.
♦ The Transaero charter program covers the vast region from the Atlantic to the Pacific, with some of the largest Russian tour operators as the airline’s partners.
♦ The year 2003 saw Transaero more than double its key performance figures, becoming Russia’s fastest-growing airline.

♦ Transaero Airlines OJSC is officially registered in Saint Petersburg.
♦ Transaero launches regular air service to Anadyr, Aktau, Taipei and Edinburgh. A new Transaero sales office opens next to the Kremlin in the very center of Moscow.
♦ Transaero concludes a social cooperation agreement with the Saint Petersburg government and Orel Region’s Administration.
♦ Transaero General Director Olga Pleshakova is awarded the Order of Maecenas.
♦ Transaero wins the 2004 Company of the Year national prize.
♦ Transaero’s performance in 2004 increased by 60 percent on average. Net income in that year almost doubled to 116.77 million rubles.

♦ Transaero and Financial Leasing Company sign a lease for 10 Tupolev Tu-214 aircraft. Transaero becomes Russia’s first and only operator of the world’s largest aicrcraft, the Boeing 747, which can accommodate up to 468 passengers.
♦ Transaero leases six new Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft from Pegasus Aviation Finance Company, US. Transaero launches its online ticket sales system, the most advanced system of its kind in Russia.
♦ The Business Class cabins of Transaero’s Boeing 737 airliners are equipped with new seats that provide increased passenger comfort. Transaero launches new regular flights from Moscow to Montreal, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Denpasar and Sanya, and from Saint Petersburg to Bangkok. The company operates 80 routes in 2005.
♦ Transaero is appointed as the scheduled carrier for the Russian Federation to five cities in China.
♦ Transaero becomes the largest Russian carrier to Southeast Asia.
♦ Transaero takes a total of approximately 3,000 Russian World War II veterans to various destinations as part of a social partnership program administered by the government and Russian businesses.
♦ The Transaero Shareholders’ Meeting decides to register Transaero Airlines Open Joint-Stock Company in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
♦ Transaero receives the Russian Trade Olympus Award for outstanding achievements in civil aviation. Transaero is named Leader of Russian Air Transport at the Golden Chariot Awards instituted by the Russian State Duma and the Ministry of Transport.
♦ Transaero General Director Olga Pleshakova receives the Honor and Valor Order and is named Best Manager in 2005 at the Russian National Olympus Awards.
♦ Transaero’s sales in 2005 exceed 10.4 billion rubles, up 42 percent over 2004.

♦ Transaero Airlines is registered as a business in Saint Petersburg.
♦ Transaero Finance LLC successfully floats its bonds on the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange. The offering is worth 2.5 billion rubles, maturing in 1,092 days. Transaero Airlines Open Joint-Stock Company acts as the guarantor.
♦ Transaero launches new scheduled flights from Moscow to Bukhara, Uralsk, Toronto, Amritsar and Vienna.
♦ Transaero is successfully certified to the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

♦ Transaero becomes the first airline in Russia to launch e-ticketing and online check-in.
♦ Transaero accedes to the UN Global Compact.
♦ Transaero becomes Russia’s second-largest airline by the number of passengers transported and passenger miles on its international routes.

♦ Transaero is named the 2007 Airline of the Year in the International Passenger Carrier Category at the Wings of Russia awards ceremony.
♦ Transaero becomes the largest airline in Russia in terms of long-range fleet numbers.
♦ Transaero is awarded the IATA Operational Safety Audit IOSA Certificate.
♦ Transaero introduces its unique Imperial Class on its Boeing 777 and Boeing 747 aircraft. The Imperial Class combines state-of-the-art technology with Russia’s luxury and hospitality tradition.
♦ Transaero introduces a three-cabin layout on its Boeing 737 and Boeing 767 aircraft: Business Class, Premium Economy Class and Tourist Economy Class.
♦ Transaero’s social project for rehabilitation of children with cancer is included in the Year of the Family federal program and is named winner of the Corporate Donor of Russia competition.

♦ Transaero expands its route network across Russia, launching operations from Moscow to Blagoveshchensk, Irkutsk, Kazan, Krasnodar, Magadan, Omsk, Samara and Ufa.
♦ Transaero General Director Olga Pleshakova appears on Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s list of the Golden 100 Top Managers.
♦ Transaero becomes the largest air carrier between Moscow and cities in the Russian Far East.
♦ New Boeing 737-800 NG medium-range aircraft are added to the Transaero fleet.

♦ Transaero launches seven new flights to key destinations, including Hong Kong and Beijing in China, Qostanay in Kazakhstan and Yakutsk in the Russian Far East.
♦ The company launches new routes from St Petersburg to Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.
♦ In October Transaero Airlines inaugurates regular flight from Moscow to New York and Miami in the USA.
♦ Transaero Airlines announces the start of operations from Moscow Domodedovo International Airport to the cities of Rostov-on-Don, Donetsk and Riga.

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