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Aerolíneas  Argentinas declares that its mission is to provide commercial air transportation for passengers to the Argentine market as well as to regional and international destinations, ensuring a service where security, punctuality and quality are reflected in the company's operations. Aerolíneas Argentinas complement this mission by offering additionally the service of transportation of cargo. "We aim to focus our actions to gain a position of 'leader' in the domestic, regional and Latin American market and to be one of the leading airlines in the overseas market. In Argentina, we will strengthen our presence and image: nobody knows Argentina better than we do."

Corporate History in Brief

The First Years

(December, 7th)
By decree # 26.099 of the Executive Power, Aerolíneas Argentinas is created as a State Company.

The interamerican Press Information Society declares Aerolineas Argentinas as the best air commercial company of the world, due to its efficient organization and the quality of its services.

(January, 27th)
Regular services between Buenos Aires and Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), with stop in Córdoba and Salta are inaugurated.

1954 (October,15th)
DC-3 aircrafts initiate flights between Buenos Aires and Montevideo (Uruguay).

1956 (October, 12th)
The second weekly frequency between Buenos Aires and New York (USA) is inaugurated.

1958 (April, 28th)
The purchase of six Comet IV aircraft, the first jet plane is authorized, driven by turbines instead of propellers, commonly know as jet propelled.

1959 (March, 2nd)
The first Comet IV arrives in Argentina, initiating the jet era, a technological jump that, among other advantages, would reduce the duration of all the flights to a half.

The Jet Era

1960 (December, 1st)
The Comet IV starts flying to Bariloche.

1961 (December, 26th)
An Aerolíneas Argentinas Comet IV completes the first round the World which is performed by a commercial aircraft, making an official trip of President Frondizi.

1962 (January, 25th)
The first AVRO HS 748 aircraft arrives to the country.

1963 (July, 12th)
La Paz (Bolivia) is included in the interamerican routes.

1965 (February 5th)
Aerolíneas Argentinas acquires four Boeing 707 aircrafts.

1966 (November, 25th)
A Boeing 707 aircraft, the first flight without stops in history between Madrid and Buenos Aires, in 11 hours and 31 minutes, establishing a world record in speed.

1967 (May, 1st)
First flight in a Boeing 707 to Frankfurt (Germany).

1969 (August, 21st)
Aerolíneas Argentinas acquires six twin-jet planes Boeing 737

From the Comet to the Jumbo

1971 (December, 1st)
The last Comet IV is withdrawn from the fleet, alter having joined 20.438 hours of flights.

1973 (May, 6th)
First flight without stops to Miami (USA) in a Boeing 707.

1974 (August, 1st)
First direct flight between Buenos Aires and Bogotá (Colombia), to go on to México and Los Angeles (USA).

1975 (April, 4th)
Flights to Caracas (Venezuela) are inaugurated.

1976 (December, 31st)
The first of the Boeing 747 acquired by Aerolíneas Argentinas arrives to Ezeiza.

1977 (January, 5th)
First flight of a Boeing 747 between Buenos Aires, Madrid, Rome and Frankfurt.

1978 (March, 28th)
Services to Montreal (Canada) are inaugurated.

1979 (April, 4th)
Regular services of cargo transportation, with two planes Boeing 707 start exclusively conditioned to that effect.

1979 (April 9th)
By decree # 808 of the Executive Power, Aerolíneas Argentinas becomes a State Society.

The First Transpolar Flight

1980 (December, 13th)
The first Boeing 747-SP is incorporated to the fleet, purchased to the north American company Braniff.

1980 (June, 7th)
The first transpolar flight of a commercial airline. It is accomplished by an Aerolíneas Argentinas Jumbo 747. Departs from Buenos Aires, makes a stop in Río Gallegos, goes through the South Pole and reaches to Auckland (New Zealand). The trips culminate in Hong Kong (China).

1980 (December, 2nd)
First non-stop flight between Melbourne (Australia) and Ezeiza. It is accomplished by a Jumbo 747, inaugurating the route.

1981 (September, 5th)
The regular service to Auckland (New Zealand) by the transpolar flight.

1982 (June, 12th)
Pope Juan Pablo II returns from Buenos Aires to Rome in Aerolíneas Argentinas Boeing 747, especially conditioned the the Supreme Pontiff.

1987 (April, 12th)
Second papal flight in Aerolíneas Argentinas. The Pope returns from Buenos Aires to Rome in a Boeing 747.

Years of Change

1990 (November, 21st)
A consortium headed by Iberia starts being in charge of the company, which changes its firm name and is named Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A.

1992 (April, 29th)
The first plane MD-83 aircraft to be included in the fleet.

1994 (August, 10th)
The first Airbus 310 aircraft is transferred from Toulouse, France.

1996 (August, 23rd)
 The Aerolíneas Argentinas Official Website in Internet is launched, with the address

1997 (May, 1st)
Aerohandling, a ramp service that is Aerolíneas Argentinas property, starts operating an important annual saving.

1998 (July, 1st)
The city of Córdoba becomes in the second 'Hub' of Argentina.

1999 (June)
The first of four Airbus 340 aircrafts coming from Paris (France), lands in Buenos Aires acquired by our company.


2000 (December, 7th)
It is the 50th Aerolíneas Argentinas anniversary.

2001 (October, 17th)
Marsans Groups makes themselves responsible for the company. Mr. Antonio Mata is named President of the Executive Committee.

2002 (June 25th)
Foundation Launches Aerolineas Argentinas, an entity with social and cultural purposes.

2003 (March)
It makes opening a flight route between Buenos Aires and Beijing (China), through a 'Hub' in Madrid (Spain).

2003 (August, 11th)
Presentation of the plane of the Executive Jet line, which starts operating immediately.

2004 (March)
Aerolíneas Argentinas adds to its fleet a new Boeing 747-400, the biggest plane of passengers of the world nowadays still in service. The Company is the only in South America which has this type of aircraft.

2004 (June, 29th)
The Maintenance Technical Center in the facilities of the air-sea arsenal 'Commandant Espora' in the city of Bahía Blanca, in the frame of the subscribed contract between to and the Argentine navy. This Center permits to provide services of maintenance to the commercial and military aviation, creating working sources of high qualification.

2005 (February, 5th)
Aerolíneas Argentinas retakes the route to Mexico, with a frequency of five weekly flights, with Airbus 310 aircrafts, with a capacity of 175 passengers in Tourist Class and 17 in Club Cóndor Class.

2006 (February, 2nd)
Aerolíneas Argentinas starts flying with non stop flights to Caracas and Bogotá.

2007 (August, 9th)
Aerolíneas Argentinas acquires an Airbus A340-300, being it the first model of this type that is incorporated to the large scope fleet.

2007 (October, 22nd) 
Aerolíneas Argentinas retakes its flights to Asunción with 14 weekly frequencies, departing both from Aeroparque and from Ezeiza.

2008 (December, 12th)
Aerolineas Argentinas I inaugurated its new branch office in the city of Asunción in the offices located in the PS LINE Building, on España Avenue of the Paraguayan capital. The act counted on the participation of the Argentine Ambassador, Aerolineas Argentinas staff and special guests.

2009 (February, 5th)
The rescue of the Aerolíneas Argentinas stock portfolio to the National State has been established in the framework of the Law No. 26.466. Thus, Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral appointed their new executives.

2009 (May, 22nd)
A contract is signed with the Brazilian State Embraer Company for the purchase of 20 airplanes for Aerolíneas Argentinas-Austral, which is kept within the bounds of the recapitalization plan of our companies.

2009 (June, 8th)
Aerolíneas Argentinas takes up again the purchase of new airplanes after seventeen years and presents the first b-737/700 version 2009 purchased to Boeing.
The purchase is for two airplanes B737/700 NG (Next Generation).

2009 (July, 16th)
Dr. Mariano recalde became president of Aerolineas Argentinas y Austral.

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