Best China Tours & Excursions 2018

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China is beautiful and mysterious land with a long and interesting history. This country can surprise you even on your 100th visit. To help you discover this land we’ve collected 3 Best China Tours and Excursions.


Tianmen Mountain

Best China Tours Tianmen Mountain
Photo by TravelPapa Private Tour Guide John Tang

This mountain opens Heaven’s Door for thousands of tourists every season. 1,519 meters (4,983 feet) high it is one of the most beautiful wonders of nature in the world. People are visiting this location to enjoy the view and to fight their fears.

If you don’t have acrophobia (fear of heights) take a walk on a unique cliff-hanging walkway.  The walkway is about 1.6 kilometers long and usually is very crowded. But if you want to push your fears to the extreme, try walking on “The Walk of Faith”. This glass skywalk is famous all over the world. Just imagine stepping on the see-through walkway feeling hundreds of meters under your feet.

Fun fact: Aerial tramway ride to the top of the mountain takes about 30 minutes. It is the longest canle car ride in the world.

Consider booking a private tour guide to take the most out of your trip.

Longsheng Minority Rice Terrace

Best China Tours Longsheng Minority Rice Terrace
Photo by TravelPapa Private Tour Guide Cindy Li

The most overlooked part of China is hidden here. To discover it you need to visit one of the ancient villages where you can meet Chinese ethnic minorities. The most known tribes are Yao and Zhuang. They live surrounded by forests and the rice terraces. That is why these lands are very popular for hiking. You can enjoy your trip and explore the amazing ancient culture.

Yao and Zhuang people are well-known for their hospitality and for beautiful shows they are performing every day for tourists. No one can forget their angelic songs.
We recommend you to book a private tour guide to explore this wonderful land.

Yellow (Huángshān) Mountain

Best China Tours Yellow (Huángshān) Mountain
Photo by TravelPapa Private Tour Guide Nature Hsu

One of the most famous Chinese landmarks you’ve never heard about. This area is eternally beautiful and keeps many ancient secrets and legends. Since 1990 it is listed by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site.

People say that Yellow Mountain is so outstanding because of the "Four Natural Wonders". First of all, the rock formations on this mountain are very unusual. Each of these oddly-shaped rocks has a story and a name. The “second wonder” are marvelous old pines growing directly out of rocks. The most famous one is Greeting Guest Pine. It resembles a standing man stretching his hands to greet the guests. The “third wonder” are the Seas of Clouds. From November to May you can enjoy this wonderful phenomenon when the mountain peak looks like an island in the Sea of Clouds. And the final natural wonder of the Huángshān Mountain are the Hot Springs. It is not just an interesting act of nature, but a perfect way to relax after the long day of hiking.

Don’t forget that our private tour guide can show you more than you can explore alone.

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Author: Pavel Malisev


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