Things To Do in Tbilisi, Georgia: Best Tours and Excursions

Are you planning a trip to Georgia? Here are the best things to do in Tbilisi and its surroundings.

Georgia is lying in between Europe and Asia and is well known for its unique culture and history. This land keeps a lot of ancient treasures. Medieval architecture, tasty food, hospitable people and fantastic wine are the main reasons millions of people every year are coming to visit this country. If you are planning a trip to Georgia, here are the Top Things To Do in Tbilisi, Georgia and its surroundings.

Enter The Narikala Fortress

Tbilisi Naricala Fortress
Photo by TravelPapa Private Tour Guide Safina Bit

Being the heart of Tbilisi, Narikala Fortress is a must-see for every tourist visiting Georgia. Entering these ancient walls, you can feel the breath of the Georgian history. The best way to reach the famous landmark is by cable car. That way you can save your energy for a walk inside the fortress and enjoy the marvelous look at the Old Town Of Tbilisi. The fortress was built around 4th century as a Persian Citadel and was named Shuris-Tsikhe ("Invidious Fort"). Later it was renamed Narikala, which comes from two Mongolian words: narin – small, qala – fortress. Now as it overlooks the Old Town Of Tbilisi it attracts thousands of visitors every year.
Explore the heart of Tbilisi with a private tour guide.

Cross The Bridge of Peace

Tbilisi Bridge of Peace

In contrast to the ancient architecture of the old Tbilisi, The Bridge Of Peace represents a new age in engineering. This colossal glass and metal construction is a beautiful and convenient cross point between the Rike Park and the Old Town. The bridge was opened in 2010 and since then was named one of the most unusual bridges in the world. But why is it called “The Bridge Of Peace”? Italian designer Michele De Lucchi had the idea to build a bridge that is pulsating in the Morse code. And as he said, the message should be “the anthem of life and peace among people and nations”. Every night this marvelous construction lights up with more than 10 000 LED lights. And its pulsation broadcasts chemical elements that make up a human body.

Take a tour around Tbilisi to enjoy the beauty of this engineering wonder.

Discover Stalin Museum

Tbilisi Stalin Museum
Photo by TravelPapa Private Tour Guide Giorgi Giorgevich

This museum is a memorial house of the Georgian boy who became one of the main figures in the world history. Witness his journey from the Gori’s church school to the Leadership of the USSR. Every hall of the museum reflects an important period of Stalin’s life. In the first room we get to know what his childhood was like and can read some poems written by him in adolescence. Next hall tells about his early revolutionary activities in his hometown and about his imprisonment in Siberia. Of course there is a section dedicated to the revolution of 1917. By the way Lenin wrote a political testament where he advised Communist Party to remove Stalin from his post and this paper is on display in the museum. One of the most interesting rooms has different presents to the leader from all around the world. Custom-made Bayan, a portrait made of tobacco leaves and many other interesting gifts are displayed there.
In addition, you can buy some really exclusive souvenirs in the gift shop. Where else you can find an official replica of the famous Stalin’s smoking pipe?

Book a Private Tour Guide to discover the Stalin Museum it the best way possible.

Tbilisi is a magical city and you can't miss the opportunity to explore all of its secrets. What do you think about these places?

Author: Pavel Malisev


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