Best Things to Do in Salzburg

Planning to visit Salzburg? Check out the best things to do there!
Maybe it's because of the amazing baroque architecture, maybe it's because of the rich history, but Salzburg is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Anyway, you won't regret visiting this charming Austrian city. Here are the best things to do in Salzburg according to

1.Stroll Around the Altstadt (Old Town)

Old Town
Photo by TravelPapa Private Tour Guide Ingo Scheumann

This wonderful part of the city is famous for its narrow streets and cozy courtyards. Take a walk starting from the Universitätsplatz to feel the unique atmosphere of this medieval area. Don’t forget to visit Getreidegasse. It is a pedestrian area framed by old houses dated from 15th to 18th century. Explore the medieval architecture and old boutiques and cafes. For example, at the end of the Getreidegasse you can enter the Old Market where you can find a 13th century Pharmacy.
Here are the main must-visit Old Town sights: Universitätsplatz, Getreidegasse, St. Florian's Fountain, Judengasse (Jewish quarter) and Chiemseehof (Prince Bishops’s residence).

2.Visit Haus der Natur Museum

Science Center
This is the perfect place to embrace your inner child. This huge interactive science museum has a lot to offer to all of its visitors. From dinosaurs to space travel, this famous science center will astonish you. You can take a journey into the human body and discover the magic that is happening inside us. Explore marvelous underwater landscapes in the aquarium. Admire the wonders of modern science. And the main advantage of this place is that almost everything in this museum is interactive. For example, you can generate electricity with the help of turbines or you can take a wheelchair obstacle course.

3. Take a Look at the City From Above.

City From Above
Photo by TravelPapa Private Tour Guide Ingo Scheumann

If you are tired of big tourist groups you can try to see Saltsburg from the different perspective. The city is surrounded by hills and you can’t miss your chance to admire the beautiful view from one of them. Take the best look at the beauty of the old town from above. Just imagine your friends’ reaction when they will see your photos from this trip!
If you want to explore Salzburg off the beaten path, you got to take this tour.


4. Sing a Song from "The Sound of Music" in the Mirabell Gardens 

 Mirabell Gardens
Photo by TravelPapa Private Tour Guide Ingo Scheumann

Everyone knows it and everyone loves it. The all-time classic "The Sound of Music" will always be in our hearts. But did you know that it was filmed in Saltsburg? If you are travelling there, you must visit some of the filming locations. First of all you got to see Mirabell Gardens and Mirabell Palace. Mirabel is an Italian name which means "admirable" and "beautiful". And you can't find the better words to describe it! 

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Author: Pavel Malisev


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