AirSerbia and Baggage Regulations

AirSerbia introduced new rules for carrying baggage

AirSerbia introduces new rules of baggage transportation from December 15, 2017. Starting from that date, you can carry a small bag or a backpack for free, in addition to the basic baggage. The main thing is that it is not overloaded.
The new policy of carrying hand luggage comes into force in mid-December. For those passengers who fly before this date, the old rules will be applied.

Hand luggage:
Hand luggage passengers will be marked with a blue sticker. On board, the bag will need to be put in the upper luggage compartment. For children under 2 years this rule does not apply, they do not allow hand luggage, except for a baby stroller or cradle, as well as baby food.

Extra small bag:
A small bag or backpack at check-in will be marked with a white sticker and should be placed under the seat in front of the passenger.

This can be one of the following:
- ladies' handbag / laptop bag / briefcase
- a small backpack
- bag with goods from Duty Free
- small camera
- binoculars
- a box or a small package (for example, a box with shoes, a designer dress, a business suit or a wedding dress)

A list of additional things that can be taken aboard the aircraft:
- if passengers with children travel, it is allowed to take on board a stroller or cradle, as well as baby food
- cane
- folding wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and other prosthetic devices
- outerwear

Excess free baggage allowance by weight:
Before arriving at the airport, passengers should weigh their luggage, because when checking in for a flight, the weight and dimensions of the baggage will be checked by the airline staff.
If an excess is found by weight or size, or by the number of items allowed to be carried on board the aircraft, then passengers will have to pay 50 euros and bag to be loaded into the luggage compartment of the aircraft.

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Author: Alena Shapovalova

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