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Now it is even easier and more interesting to travel to Armenia together with TravelPapa!
So you have already decided, where to go next and you have chosen Armenia as your next travel destination. Good for you! And as we want to make your travel to Armenia as interesting and exciting as it may be ever possible, TravelPapa is always here with the professional private tour guides to show you all the best places, hidden corners, breathtaking views and historical sightseeings, so that you will not miss the smallest thing, while exploring the wonderful country of Armenia. Today TravelPapa has prepared four absolutely different local tours for you depending on the way you would like to spend your vacation in. Check them out!

The six hours long minivan tour straight to the heart of the country - its capital - the city of Yerevan, allow all the travelers to see all of the main sightseeings of this gorgeous city, together with the Armenian private tour guide, who will show you the Kaskad Open Air Museum with its stunning city view and lots of unusual and pretty art objects, placed just all over its territory, the park of Monument, museum and memorial of Genocide, History Museum and many many other things. Go check them out now!


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Travel to Armenia

(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Vartan Movsisyan)


In case, if you have already visited Armenia in your life and have already seen all the main tourist sights of its largest cities, have walked enough along the cozy streets of yerevan and have tasted a lot the delicious local cuisine, this tour is a perfect choice for your stay in Armenia. The ten hours long walking tour straight to the Southern peak of Mount Aragats  provides you with the incredibly gorgeous views of the Armenian nature, amazing views from the highest point of the area, picturesque Stone Lake and many other things that may become one of the most unforgettable travel experiences in your whole life. You just need to ask!

Travel to Armenia

(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Vrezh Nazaryan)


For the case, if you don’t have time for planning your trip in the smallest details or, maybe, are a little bit lazy to plan our cultural program for the really long period of time, this seven days long tour around Armenia allows you to see all it’s most popular sightseeings, starting from the most ancient monasteries of the country, like Sanahin and Haghpat or, for example, Noravank Monastery and to the nature beauties of the country, represented by the amazing Sevan Lake, picturesque surroundings of Garni Temple and so on.

Travel to Armenia

(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Serzh Hovsepyan)


But if you are already tired of the casual walks around the foreign cities, staring at the local monuments and buildings, trying to find the most famous ones and are looking for something really worthy and unforgettable - this eight day long walking tour has it all - mountain peaks, nature sights, stunning views, hidden monasteries, ruined fortresses, cable car rides, small ancient churches and the unbelievable spirit of the ancient ages. Hurry up to see all these things with your own eyes!

Travel to Armenia

(Photo by TravelPapa’s private tour guide Arthur Davtyan)


So...which route did you like the most? Are you a fan of city tours or are you more about extreme walks and hiking? Anyways, discover the most affordable airfares to Armenia today and start planning your next trip together with TravelPapa!

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Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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