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Vacation is not over yet!

Even though the Christmas holidays are over and the New Year has just begun, it doesn’t mean that it’s not the right time to choose your next travel destination, as the winter goes on and most of the travelers (especially the most experienced ones) are longing to cure their winter wanderlust.
TravelPapa Private Tour Guides team has looked through the most mountainous travel destinations, offered by our private guides from all over the world and has chosen five most attractive winter corners to spend your vacation with your family and friends. Check them out!


This place will be perfect not only in case if you are looking for a high snow-covered mountain peaks and nice skiing slopes, but also for those travelers that are looking for the close unity with nature, breath-taking views, gorgeous landscapes and long, exciting hiking trips. TravelPapa’s private tour guide Nabin Devkota definitely has something to impress you with, including his Everest Panorama Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Expedition and many other tours, intended for the most experienced travelers.

Nabin Devkota Private Tour Guide from Nepal, Kathmandu
(Photo by private tour guide Nabin Devkota)


One day tour in Kazbegi, held by the local private tour guide Mukhran Guliashvili is the perfect chance for all the travelers to see one of the most breath-taking views of Georgian nature from about 6000 meters high above the sea level, the world-wide known Caucasus Mountains, reach the highest points in North-East Georgia and even taste the delicious national cuisine.

(Photo by private tour guide Mukhran Guliashvili)


Good moments of sharing travel experiences, learning new hiking and traveling skills, getting the new experiences and feeling the absolute freedom are waiting for you at the “Exploration and Joy All Around the World” tour, held by TravelPapa’s Austrian private guide Agustin Torres. You just need to ask him!

(Photo by private tour guide Agustin Torres)


TravelPapa’s private tour guide Serzh Hovsepyan from Armenia offers a seven days long mountain tour(Mount Aragats And Mount Ajdahak) which includes visiting the Kari lake, the old Geghard Monastery and Garni Temple and of course the climbing of Ajdahak Mountain and the Mount Sragats - the 4090 meters high peak! The tour includes your accommodation, all the necessary transportations, meals, excursions, lots of fun and unforgettable impressions!

(Photo by private tour guide Serzh Hovsepyan)


Jorge Barbero, the experience private tour guide from Chile is looking for the real explorers that are longing to get the new impressions from the hiking trips through the wild nature, climbing the snow-covered mountains, wandering along the gorgeous Omora Ethnobotanical Garden, kayaking in Puerto Williams Bay and many many other thrilling things. If you are looking for an adventure – you are in the right place!

(Photo by private tour guide Jorge Barbero)

Got interested? Check even more tours and offers, provided by our guides from all over the world on!

Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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