Vacation in snowy China with TravelPapa Private Tour Guides

Winter is almost here!

So it is definitely the time to make a decision on your next holiday destination and the certain place, where you are going to spend your winter vacation with your family and friends and where you are going to bring your new travel impressions from. Haven’t got any ideas yet? What about China this year?
Due to the huge number of various tourist attractions that are spread all over the country, China is considered nowadays one of the most popular holiday destinations, as it is a proud owner of large modern cities with the high skyscrapers and tiny traditional villages with ancient pagodas and is also considered the popular center of the best health-improving resorts, high-quality beaches and various ski resorts, intended both for professionals and for beginners.


(Photo by: Samantha Song, private guide from China)

This year, TravelPapa Private Tour Guides has chosen its best winter entertainments in China to help you make your winter vacation the most exciting and individual one.
One of the largest winter events that is annually held in China is the Harbin Ice Festival, which is usually divided into four parts and is held on the territory of the huge ice world, made from the various ice buildings, brightly illuminated at nights. The most interesting things about the Harbin Ice Festival is that its ice world is looking different every year and it is always a surprise what is waiting for you this time. Would you like to know what the city of Harbin is preparing for you this year? TravelPapa’s private guide Samantha Song has got some interesting tours to offer you and to help you get as much holiday experience as possible. Check them out:


The private tour with a professional local private guide, which is held by air-conditioned and no-smoking car and which aims to show you the winter beauty of the Harbin Ice World, its unique architecture and buildings, especially at night time, when they all are illuminated by hundreds of many colored lights that make you feel like you have just got into a fairy-tale.

(Photo by: Samantha Song, private guide from China)

  Besides the usual walks along the streets of the Ice World, Samantha Song offers you the visiting of the Ice Festival, its snow sculptures, ice castles and buildings and vivid night shows. In order to make your visit more convenient for you, it is even possible to choose the most desirable for you length of the tour, depending on the time you are going to spend in China and to choose one, two, three or even four days Ice Festival Tour.

  Are you a fan of skiing or are you just dreaming yet to learn how to ski? China nowadays may be truly considered the place, which has all the nice conditions for skiing, both for professionals and for the very beginners. Why not to try the Yabuli Skiing Resort this time?

  The Snow Town is the perfect place for those travelers that are looking for mountains of pure white snow, frosty air and all the best conditions for the sledge driving, skiing, snowballs playing and many many other winter entertainments, as the Chinese Snow Town is the place, where winter may last up to 7 months.
(Photo by: Samatha Song, private guide from China)

Got interested? Start planning your winter vacation today and make it the most pleasant and memorable one with TravelPapa Private Tour Guides!

Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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