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Chrsitmas time is coming!

Bright lights, many colored garlands, red Christmas balls and other vivid decorations are already hanging in the trees and are decorating streets and buildings, snow is everywhere or, maybe, is only just starting to fall and that special, exciting and festive atmosphere is already in the air, waiting for you in the most beautiful cities of the world. Every travel destination that you may ever choose for your winter vacation is already dressed with its best decorations and the popular Christmas markets are already starting to appear, illuminated in the brightest and the most gorgeous ways.
But among all the possible Christmas entertainments, the most popular one is considered the visiting of the world-wide known European Christmas markets, as that is exactly the place, where it is possible to find magic. So…what about Austria this year?

Beginning from the middle of November and the city of Vienna turns into the one of the most beautiful and the shiniest places, as its streets and squares transform into the magical Christmas markets. The bright lights, traditional local bakery, hot drinks and many colored tree decorations are helping to create that special atmosphere in the whole city and are waiting for its foreign visitors, as well as the merry carousel and interesting Christmas entertainments and workshops for children.  
But, of course, the world-wide known Christmas market is considered the main tourist attraction, which is usually placed straight in front of Schönbrunn Palace. It offers lots of interesting things to its visitors, including various traditional Christmas sweets, pretty souvenirs, hand-made decorations and holiday presents for your family and friends. Besides that, the special festive atmosphere of this market is usually created by the numerous concerts and other holiday entertainments, including the varied program for kids like Christmas workshops and many many other things. But the end of Christmas doesn’t mean the end of the holiday atmosphere and celebration, as after Christmas time is over, this place turns into a New Year’s market.
TravelPapa Private Tour Guides offers lots of various winter entertainments and among them the visiting of the popular Christmas markets of Vienna within the special theme tour, which is held by TravelPapa’s private guide Orsolya Illes and which includes not only the visiting of the traditional market, but also the walk through the streets of the historical parts of the city, including The Ring Road and its public buildings, the beautiful St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Hofburg Palace, its courtyards and many many other interesting things.

But if you think, that local Christmas Markets will not be enough for you to feel the magical atmosphere of the Viennese holiday evenings, you  should discover one more interesting side of this city, as it is not only considered the capital of music and wine, but also the capital of sweets! TravelPapa’s local private guide Ingrid Andrea Bagus will not only show you the beauties of Vienna, including the State Opera, Trinity Column and other historical places, but will also help you know better the amazingly delicious local sweets, like Sachertorte or Apfelstrudel and will certainly make you want to go back in this city. Oh, and by the way, every participant gets a big bag of chocolates, candies and other interesting surprises (so isn’t THAT a weighty reason to go? :) ).
Got interested? Start preparing for your winter holidays today and check more information about these wonderful excursions on!


Author: Anastasia Ciolac


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